Changes To Nova


Found this on the Warframe forum, posted by Rebecca on the 16th –

As we continue the balance passes on the Warframes, we have more updates to report! The following post covers the changes to Nova from the desks of dev, specifically her Molecular Prime ability.

Molecular Prime:

– On cast, no longer instantly affects all enemies in a radius, now grows out from Novas casting position with a new visual effect. This is affected by Duration mods.

– Explosive radius of primed enemies has been brought in (6,7,8,10 meters per mod rank). This is closer to other explosive weapons in the game. This is affected by range mods.

– Duration now scales with level but has been brought in line with other power durations (10,15,20,30 seconds per mod rank). This is affected by Duration mods.

– Slow-motion effect on enemies now scale with level (.75,.7,.6,.5 percent of normal speed) This is affected by Strength mods, but will have a cap on how slow you can make your enemies overall.

– Slow-motion effect on enemies now scale with level (.9,.8,.75,.7 percent of normal speed) This is affected by Strength mods, but will have a cap on how slow you can make your enemies overall.

– Primed explosions are now offset slightly for performance reasons (creating tons of ragdolls in same frame can cause visible hitches).

Please feel free to discuss these changes within this thread, but stay constructive. Comments and remarks that don’t contribute in a meaningful way will be hidden so surrounding discussions remain on-point.

These changes will be arriving in the near future PC (likely with the next content update) and within the next major Update on PS4. We’ll be able to address any immediate issues within a hotfixes, and longer term feedback over time as these changes are tried out and adapted to.

Thank you for reading!


Updated information:

Firstly, for those wondering ‘what about the damage multiplier’, it will still be present and the changes do not touch this.

These changes will be going live in an near update on PC, and a future update for PS4. We’ll be able to address immediate issues with hotfixes once this change is live on PC.



While Scouring The Forums For Stuff . . .


The general consensus appears to be Loki Prime, Wyrm Prime, Bo Prime and a new Syndana in the next Prime Access. (some file or code that was accidentally released and discovered by someone.) Best guess is middle of June.

Some guy whining about the Ancients needing a serious nerf because they slapped the crap out of him and he lost all his energy and shields. One poster left a great response, which I thought was brilliant yet innovative. “Don’t let them hit you.” Priceless.

The usual “Loki is the master race” stuff.

The excitement continues . . .

Ankyros Prime Mod Build


Since I finished leveling them and having fun with them, I made them into videos for all to share.

Ankyros Prime Mod Build –

Ankyros Prime Game Play –

More Ankyros Prime – I take some unmitigated exuberance and sweet revenge against Heavy Gunners and Ancients, beating the snot out of them, up close and personal. It felt REALLY good –

To keep clan members abreast of developments . . .


GrrlScout has been busy with work, but she has also been working in the background on clan necessities . . .

Last Saturday, Nappy made some changes to the dojo, to clean things up a bit.

There will be upcoming clan promotions. Hang in there, you have not been forgotten.

It has been noticed we have become top heavy with members who no longer play. The roster has been trimmed, and the trimming will continue. We have a good number of members who are in game on a regular basis, and are very helpful in assisting other clan members. A huge thanks to everyone.

The new guild site? This is a direct quote from Scout – “yeah, I’m making some last minute changes to the new site – we actually can start getting people to move over to it.  I have set it up to where they must fill out an application form in order to join us.   We can add vids, notices, and other pages of info as we go along tho. Anytime this week a notice can go out to Axios about the enjin site. It is in beta stage but is ready for recruitment 🙂

So there it is. Sometimes work and making a living takes precedence, as we all know, the shoulder to the grind stone is a bitch, but fear not, Scout will be in game soon!

Volt Mod Build


Since I am enjoying the long 4 day weekend, I decided to make a video for all who are interested or can use the mod build for ideas of their own.

This time I created one for Volt, using Share Factory, New Project, choose game video clip, rename project. Then edit, delete sections not required, trim, add commentary where necessary. Save. Render Movie. Then use Capture Gallery to save videos to a USB drive, then copy to laptop and upload to YouTube.

Volt Mod Build Part One – mods –

Volt Mod Build Part Two – game play –

No News Must Be Good News


Read the Warframe forums the past two days. Nothing earth shattering or exciting. The usual nerf this, buff that, where’s my end game. Someone still believed running, melee, breathing and chatting with squad mates used up life support at a rapid rate. We still have helmets with powers until DE notifies the PS4 side a future update will take them away. My favorite is the current cataclysmic event no doubt will rattle civilization to the fabric of its origin, “How can they nerf Trinity?!?!” threads.

As soon as something noteworthy appears, I will pass it along.