Axios Prime Trading Page

NOTE: We are a MATURE clan, recruiting gamers and players who are 18+ years in age.

The Axios Prime Trading Page provides members an area to leave messages in the comments section about trades and items they desire to buy/sell/trade.

Clan members should make their wishes known and list the items, with the date they made the entry, in order for others to know the age of the entry. That way the reader will not see a trade desire that is far and away past its expiration date, and believe it to be recent.

As a side note for new members, in order to enter the dojo and make a trade, you first must craft a dojo key in the foundry, located on the main Warframe menu.


105 thoughts on “Axios Prime Trading Page”

  1. so that would mean ps4 still has helmet powers. i am sure they will alert us when they take it away, like they gave pc side advance notice.

  2. sicklymodded666 said:

    Natural talent for split on now

  3. Good morning my fine feathered friends.
    I am looking for a few mods. Surprising enough I can’t get these stupid things.
    1) Split Chamber (everyone and their mothers have this just not me)
    2) Heavy Caliber ( I may have had this once and sold it like an idiot)
    3) Vigor (Who does a brother have to sleep with to get this one)
    4) Mutagen Force (Did not know this one existed till I saw it in a video)

    II have a crap ton of mods to trade if anyone is interested.
    Sunder Strike
    Burdened Mag
    Steel Charge
    Hell’s Chamber
    Reflex Guard
    Power Throw
    Natural Talent
    Metal Auger
    Rifle Mutation

    I will be on tonight (4:20 EST) if anyone would like to trade.

    • sicklymodded666 said:

      Split chamber for natural talent

    • You sold Heavy Caliber?!?! How did you get into this clan? What were you thinking? Seriously, if someone does not have what you need, try the trading tab, or look on wiki for where they may drop.
      I just visited a day care across the street and asked as many mothers as possible if they had Split Chamber. They said yes, they have it, too.

    • sicklymodded666 said:

      Did u want the split chamber for the natural talent tonight?

      • Got split chamber last night. YAHH I am finally a real boy!
        Now I need the other goods. If I can hook up with Denty tonight the i will just need to find malignant force and heavy caliber and about 90 other things but those are priority.

    • sicklymodded666 said:

      Malignant force was an event mod. Some people sell them..over 200 plat… hopefully to be rereleased in the future… so now its unattainable in game

  4. Billy-d-Squid said:

    Friends, Romans, countrymen; lend me your ears. (or eyes to be more specific)

    I need a Pathogen Rounds and Fever Strike mod, would anyone have spares?

    Those of you who’ve run void missions with me recently know I’ve been running Nekros to farm for Stance mods (Bleeding Willow namely) I also have a fully potato’d and ranked up Glaive Prime which turns shreds everything it hits, except, Heavy Gunners.

    Hence the need for mods to get Corrosive damage on the Glaive.

    Drop me a message here or in game, tell me what you need, and I’ll have a rummage around in my piles of mods and prime parts, or if you’d like a T2 Defence/ Survival key for farming per mod I’d be happy to let you have it.

    • DENTY225 said:

      Not sure I have the mods you’re looking for, but I’d be intrested in seeing your glaive p build. I’m a bit let down by it so far.

      • Gee, Denty, I know I have a pretty bad ass Glaive mod build, but I don’t know if I want to show it to you. After all, JK and I have witnessed how dangerous you are with the Penta.

      • Billy-d-Squid said:

        All maxed mods in this build
        Pressure point, Spoiled Strike, Jagged Edge, Fury. For the base mods.

        Pressure and Spoiled give 120% and 100% extra damage and then that’s pushed up even further with the 90% extra damage to slash (which is the highest base damage type on the Glaive) Fury is there to offset the -20% attack speed on spoiled strike.

        Usually I’d go with a Reach mod at this point, but it’s not necessary as you’ll be spamming quick throw, and using it in close isn’t a priority.

        Power thow and Quick return.

        Power throw for the punch through and it now causes an AoE explosion on the first solid object it hits ie: it’s last bounce, combine it with Quick throw so you don’t get any bounce you can aim direct at a spawn and go through several enemies before it explodes when it doesn’t penetrate and enemy/ hits something behind them after it punches through, or just aim at a piece of terrain (the floor) and it’s AoE explosion will hit everything in the area, with the same damage type that’s on the Glaive, I think.

        Note, watch it, as it can kill you if you’re too close. Hence why it’s so important to remove the bounces, you don’t want this thing coming back at you and exploding!

        Voltic Strike and Molten Strike/ North Wind/ Fever Strike (or whatever element combo you like)

        You won’t have enough points here to get Focus energy instead of Voltic strike on or one of the other 11 mod point mods in for extra damage, unless you have a forma/ Gleaming Talon, which I don’t.

        Hope that helps when building it up. Currently it’ll cut through pretty much anything up to about lvl 50, if you get the elemental combos right. Corrupt heavy gunners and Infested Disruptors being the main damage sponges, which is why I need the poison mods for corrosive damage.

      • DENTY225 said:

        Thanks Billy, I’ll have a play with my mods.
        Wolf you’ll be happy to hear I don’t use penta any more. I’ve built myself an ogris!

      • crustyboy said:

        I actually sold my Penta because I killed myself ALL the time… that thing rips through Iron Skin like butter… Ogris is a bit easier to handle so I’m keeping that 😀

  5. Anyone who wants to trade Distinguished Judgement stance mod for plat, let me know. I am generous with plat.

    • sicklymodded666 said:

      Decisive judgement wasnt in this update…Rebecca said on the forums…wont be til the next one…just so u dont keep searching…look on the players helping players sections and there is a post labeled decisive judgement….she comments

  6. DreadWinter said:

    Looking to trade for 2 orthos prime blades (frustrated with the RNG gods) will be on tonight (eastern time zone, and servers permitting)

  7. Raven_Lore said:

    Frost Prime parts Chassis, and systems
    Ember Prime parts: blueprint and systems

    Reaper prime parts: reaper handle
    Dread all parts blueprints or Prime prime parts: lower limb and grip
    despair all parts
    chassis, helmet and systems

    I have many rare cards and parts for warframes
    Mag Prime all parts and blueprint
    Ash Blueprint and helmet
    Banshee and chassis
    Ember blueprint, helmet and chassis
    nekros Helmet and systems
    Nyx helmet, chassis, and systems
    Trinity chassis helmet and systems
    Vauban blueprint chassis and systems

    Latron prime all parts and blueprint
    seer all parts and blueprint

    Boar prime
    Akbronco prime
    bronco prime
    sicarus prime

    fang prime 2 handles and one blade

    • So is this the list of what you are looking for?
      If so I can help you with the Ember prime BP and a helmet. Also a reaper blade if you need one.
      You cannot trade Ash, Banshee, Ember, Nekros, Nyx, Trinity or Vobaun parts.
      Not sure you can trade the Dread or despair either.
      I might be on around 4:30 EST.
      look me up.

    • iexist8 said:

      I have the frost p chassis, I will be on at some point today, when the game will allow me to connect to the server,

    • Raven_Lore said:

      not needed
      just got dread….

      also wanted stances
      cleaving whirlwind
      seismic palm
      iron phoenix

    • Crustyboy said:

      You can only trade for prime parts, not non-prime frame parts or Stalker gear… But there are plenty of members willing to help you on farming the normal frames and everyone wants to farm the stalker. Just ask for assistance in the clan chat! 🙂

  8. iexist8 said:

    do’s anyone have any spare orthos blades to sell or trade, been trying to farm them for a while with no luck. also I usually have a few spare mods and what not which I can give away if anyone wants,

    • grrlscout420 said:

      I’m farming for an orthos blade too. I need 1

      • I traded my only one to Denty on Sunday. Sorry.
        I got tired of carrying it around with me.

      • grrlscout420 said:

        Uncle, is ok. At least is wasn’t wasted. Thanks anyway 🙂

      • iexist8 said:

        iv’e managed to find 1 now, 6 or 7 attempts last night then 1 dropped, so close now

      • grrlscout420 said:

        you’re so lucky, i got mine thru a trade. I have yet to see 1 drop for me

      • DENTY225 said:

        Damn these blades are a right pain in the bottom. I need to farm for another and rhino parts and lots of orokin cells this weekend.
        The snail’s will have to wait!

  9. DENTY225 said:

    As I always am.

  10. sicklymodded666 said:

    Looking for an energy siphon. .. trade/buy… maybe I have something u need. Ill be on late tonight.. east coast time. Psn sicklymodded666

  11. I know…this is going to sound crazy. Does anyone have a Vauban Helmet Blueprint. I have all the damn components but that, and I miss the alert every time (how devastating is that?). Just thought I’d throw this out there. I have some good stuff. I have all the Paris Prime BP’s (not the string). I have an Orokin Catalyst that I’m willing to part with. All the Oberon BP’s. Various other Prime parts. Let me know if you’re awesome enough to have an EXTRA Vauban Helmet (that just sounds wrong to say) and I’ll try to make it worth your while.

    • First of all, yes, I am awesome, thank you. Second, I am pretty sure I have the helmet bp, but I will have to check when I arrive home. hit me up, i will be in game tonight. I will warn you, even though you have some good stuff, I bet I have REALLY GOOD STUFF, so it may REALLY cost you. REALLY. SERIOUSLY. REALLY.

      • DENTY225 said:

        Just ignore Wolf, it won’t cost you. I 100% know that even if he has one you’re not going to get it off him. Why? Because you can only trade prime bps that’s why. Sorry to piss on your hopes, but the alerts are your only hope for the time being.

      • Wow. I’m just happy to hear that it’s not impossible to find. I don’t know if I’ll have anything you want, but it’s worth a shot. I’ll hop on tonight and try to find you. I would understand if you needed to hold on to it for an epic trade. We’ll see. Thanks for responding, by the way.


      • Well, bummer. There goes my good deed for the day. And I was only going to ask for a single fusion core in return.

      • Can’t tell if I’m being trolled here. Thank you, DENTY225 for saving me some time.

    • Anyone have a blind rage up for trade?

  12. Does anyone have a Mag Prime System BP to trade? I can’t guarantee I’ll have anything you want, but who knows. Perhaps I could interest you in a rare vacuum mod or rare “Well of Life”.

    • I might have what you desire. Remind me tonight when you see me online. I’m sure there is something really valuable I can take from you that will break your heart, crush your spirits, and cause the planet to halt it’s normal axis rotation, and send it screaming into the sun.

  13. need a seeker pistol mod plz

  14. crustyboy said:

    Trying to clean out my inventory/foundry, let me know if you need any if these (or just contact me when I’m online):

    Ember Prime BP x2
    Ember Prime Helmet

    Mag Prime BP x6
    Mag Prime Helmet x5
    Mag Prime Chassis

    Frost Prime BP x3
    Frost Prime Helmet

    Rhino Prime Systems

    Burston Prime Stock x8

    Dakra Prime BP x2

    Paris Prime BP
    Paris Prime lower limb x3
    Paris Prime grip x3

    Orthos Prime BP x2

    Sicarus Prime Barrel

    Latron Prime Stock x2
    Latron Prime Barrel

    Don’t need anything special in return, just glad if I can help out some clan members

    (Don’t bother to go through my mod list also, just ask in clan chat and I’ll check if I have it)

  15. wanted:

    Two (2) Fang Prime Blades
    Two (2) Ortho Prime Blades

  16. DENTY225 said:

    Time to sell off some mods. I’m trying to raise platinum to expand my frame and weapon slots, but also chasing some prime parts. If you want anything off this list message me in game or VIA psn. Here goes:

    warframe mods
    fleeting expertise. rare. +10% power efficiency – 10% power duration
    Flow. rare. +% power max
    Intensify. Rare. +%power max
    Reflex Guard. Rare. +% auto parry chance X5
    Streamline. Rare. +% power efficiency. X2

    Heavy impact. Uncommon. X3
    Maglev. UC. +% slide. X2
    Provoked. UC. +%damage during bleedout. X3
    Quickrest. UC +% stamina recharge. X3
    Rush. UC +% sprint speed

    Shield disruption, AURA, enemy shields reduced by %
    Steel Charge AURA. Melee weapon damage increased % X2

    Stretch. UC +% power range X2
    Marathon. UC +% stamina max
    Steel fiber. Common. +% armour

    WEAPON mods.
    metal auger, Rare, +0.4 punch through Rifle X2
    Ravage, Rare, +% crit damage shotgun
    Vital sense rare, +%crit damage rifle X4
    Wildfire, rare. +%magazine capacity +%fire damage X2 Rifle
    Steady hands rare -% weapon recoil X2 pistol
    heavy trauma, rare, +% impact damage melee X3
    Melee channel rare, +% energy used to bonus damage X2
    Sundering strike, rare, +% puncture damage melee X2

    I also have all parts except handle for the paris prime.

  17. sabaddon said:

    Looking to purchase a pair of orthos prime blades. Will pay top plat to whoever provides them.

  18. sabaddon said:

    Selling fleeting expertise.

  19. Zonnenkind-ku said:

    Got some things for sell, basically for plat (exact amount negotiable)
    although i do want “contagious spread” (poison mod for shotgun)
    here is a list of thing i have to offer

    Accelerated Blast Constitution
    Focus Energy Fortitude
    Hammer Shot Ice Storm
    Lethal Torrent Rending Strike
    Shred Stunning Speed
    Vigor Wildfire
    Fire up Fever strike
    Thunderbolt Arrow mutation
    R5 Fusion Cores

    T1 Def, Surv
    T2 Def, Surv, Ext

  20. Got lots of stuff for sale, just shoot me a fair offer and I’ll likely take it. Also would trade mods and or plat for a Malignant Force, really need that mod! Feel free to send me a message here or in-game. Though I’m more likely to see it sooner in-game.



    Narrow Minded
    Enemy Sense
    Master Thief


    Split Chamber
    Hammer Shot
    Ammo Mutation
    Metal Auger
    Vital Sense
    Bane of Corpus


    Accelerated Blast
    Ammo Mutation
    Charged Shell
    Chilling Grasp


    Lethal Torrent
    Ice Storm


    Spoiled Strike
    Melee Channel
    Rending Strike
    Killing Blow


    Ammo Mutation




    Fired Up

    ————-Prime Parts———–

    Braton BP

    Bronco BP

    Burston Stock

    Frost Chassis/Helmet


    Latron BP/Receiver/Stock

    Mag BP/Systems

    Paris BP/String

    Sicarus BP

    Orthos BP

  21. sabaddon said:

    Seeking Burston Prime Barrel. Willing to trade mods, or prime parts for it. Not Rhino Parts though, and I don’t have a Boltor Prime BP before anyone asks.

  22. On the hunt for these mods. will pay plat, or trade.


    Malignant Force

    High Voltage

    Focus Energy

    Virulent Scourge

    Burston Prime Parts, and BP. (I have the stock)

  23. Looking for Burston Prime parts (I have stock) and BP.
    See you all in game 🙂


  24. Selling Frost Prime Systems and Mag Chassis and Burston Prime Stock x2

  25. supramurkat said:

    Hey clan Tenno, I have plenty of great starter, rare, etc. mods that I need to pass on, or will biomass to up my current select mods. so, If you see me online, please pm me in what you may need and will check my inventory. and I usually post a thread on the forums. So, ask! I may have it. Supra

  26. japaneselonewolf said:

    Want to buy or trade for two orthos prime blades.

  27. japaneselonewolf said:

    i’m Eastern, too. Florida, rainy right now. Will be on between 6pm and 9pm or so tonight, Tuesday. Have a Nova to level up. also a Paris Prime. And hopefully soon, a Rhino Prime.

    • Sabaddon said:

      Ok I’ll be on tonight as well. Will be a squad filler if you need one. Also going to be farming derelicts if you want to join in

      • japaneselonewolf said:

        Haven’t forgotten about your cores. Busy last night with alert. Still want them. Also want to buy orthos prime blades if you have them for sale. Will be on tonight, 6pm eastern time US.

  28. japaneselonewolf said:

    about 6pm

  29. japaneselonewolf said:

    all tiers, 1-3.

  30. Sabaddon said:

    March 24, 2014
    Heavy Trauma x2
    Sundering Strike x2
    Rifle Ammo Mutation
    Snowglobe and Avalanche (just in case you sold yours)
    Stunning Speed x2
    Accelerated Blast
    Tainted Shell

  31. japaneselonewolf said:

    test comment

    • Witch3rDC52 said:

      March 24th 8PM
      Looking to trade for unranked Fleeting Expertise.

      Can trade one of the following:
      Blind Rage
      Energy Syphoon

      Also have extra Stormbringer or poison mod for rifle or poison mod for pistol to go with any of the above mods.

      If you are looking for some other mod, I can see what I have.

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