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NOTE: We are a MATURE clan, recruiting gamers and players who are 18+ years in age.

This page is dedicated to questions and answers related to the clan, Warframe and other associated topics you may desire to question, or have answered. Somewhere, someone will have the solution to your queries.

Add your question in the comment section. If someone doesn’t readily have an answer, they can GTS, locate one and post it as a reply.

In case you were wondering, GTS means Google That S*it.


36 thoughts on “Axios Prime Q&A Page”

  1. sicklymodded666 said:

    So… to build the akbroncos, I have to find and craft to seperate bronco primes first. Do I just need the parts to the bronco or do i actually have to craft them. I dont know what it is but I really want the akbroncos. Im a shotgun guy so any info would help… also if anyone has any parts for either… besides the akbronco bp…. id be willing to trade if I have what ur looking for… and I unfortunately dont have any of the rare stance mods

    • Check the wiki to see if it has the correct info. I would hate to tell you one has to be crafted if it was false.

      • DENTY225 said:

        I built the dual cestra and yes you will have to build two of them. I don’t think that you get affinity from leveling the second one though.

      • sicklymodded666 said:

        Ok thanks. I checked wiki and some other spots but couldnt find the amswer.

      • Crustyboy said:

        I guess it’s just like any other non-prime dual secondary, you have to build both first. When you are about to build it you must manually choose both of the already build guns in your inventory. And like Denty said already, only level one Bronco to 30, build the other just to be able to build the Akbronco. Guess you better start saving up on those Orokin cells then… This one is gonna cost you 😛

    • I believe I may have a Bronco BP for you if you need it. We can work something out.

      • DENTY225 said:

        The bp’s are common, it’s the parts that don’t drop. Both parts are now in the same tower too.

  2. Does AxiosPrime have a PC clan? Anyone know who runs it?

  3. DreadWinter said:

    A question on deathmarks. Do you receive a death mark for each time you kill a boss, or is it just for the initial kill? For ex., if farming Ruk, do you get a mark each time you farm him?

    • It isn’t necessarily every time you kill a boss, but a matter of chance. Sometimes you get away with it, sometimes you don’t. Have you been marked? Did something go bump in the night? Can’t sleep, knowing you are doomed to receive a surprise visitor? Do you have someone start your car in the morning, in fear of retribution and retaliation?

      That mysterious shadow you think is following you? You might want to start getting your affairs in order.

      • DreadWinter said:

        Not paranoia when everyone is after you! But yes, I am marked (still, I think)
        Taken out by stalker yesterday (makes it 4 times now), so far only on solo runs

    • I was attacked about a week ago. Playing with randoms (didn’t learn my lesson and clan was still asleep at 4AM) when the lights flickered, that ominous voice made its chilly threats. Went on the offense, attacked everything within range. Somewhere within the pile of bodies he must have went down. I lived to make it to work and enjoy my day.

      • DENTY225 said:

        I had the stalker show up today me and sicklymodded were doing ODD. never saw the stalker but had a dread bp at the end!
        Then he showed up again 2 games later and stabbed me in the back. I’m gonna kill bosses all week so he returns.

      • Had my first ‘kill the stalker before he kills a teammate’ a week ago. Best feeling ever. Total of four stalker kills, lifetime. I want more!

    • Jason Marable said:

      I didnt know what the hell was going on the first
      time I was attacked by Stalker. Screen went wonkey and I thought it was a glitch, then I got mercked by what I thought was another player! Lesson learned.

      • He’s cowardly that way. One moment the lights flicker, you get lost in the interruption. Next thing you know someone is laughing over your grave. I received his actions have consequences email last night after killing the boss on Pluto. Waiting for him to show up so I can put him down hard.

      • DENTY225 said:

        I’ve had the stalker visit me every day for the last 4 days now but I’ve only got one dread bp from him. Today at end screen it definitely said hate bp as reward, but I dont have it. Anyone else had this problem?

    • I would think the mark is per boss kill. I remember reading on the forum about someone who had a number of kills and had the stalker hit him four times in the same week.

  4. Our clan emblem is no longer available on the marketplace! what happened??

    • I would like to think it is or will be always available. Explain what happened. Did you purchase the clan emblem holder first? Did you then bring up your frame or sentinel, choose Appearance, move to Clan Emblem and make the appropriate choice?

    • crustyboy said:

      I bought it right in the Arsenal (Warframe>Appearance>Badge), never went through the market at all

  5. crustyboy said:

    Just wondering if there is a way to edit/delete your comments? Think it could be very useful especially for the trading page to for example update your trading list, like deleting already sold items or just update the list. What you think?

  6. DreadWinter said:

    Just wondering what the benefit of using a forma on a warframe or weapon is. Since the affinity does not apply to mastery rank points, why do this?

    • When you first start out, leveling up, you may notice you have 30 points to use. If you put an Orokin reactor or cell on a frame or weapon, it doubles the points to 60. Mod cards, which you place on a weapon or frame, have a certain number of points. As you fuse cards of the same polarity, or use fusion cores, to increase the mod card points, that mod becomes stronger in terms of what it can do.
      To answer your question, if you max out a mod card, fill all your mod slots on a weapon or frame, you may exceed the 60 point limit. Do you have to use every mod slot? No, but in most cases you will probably want to. A stronger weapon or frame is to your advantage. You may notice a weapon or frame has certain polarities in their mod slots, or have no polarity. You match the mod card to the polarity and the points used are cut in half. If you place a card in a slot with no polarity, you use all the points of the card. If you mismatch the polarity of the card to the slot, the points assessed against you are roughly 1.5 times the amount of the card. Once a weapon or frame reaches level 30, you forma it in order to change the polarity of a mod slot, in effect saving points by placing the matched polarity of the card to the slot. You may have to do this as many as two to four times on the average if you want to really buff a weapon or frame. It is worth the effort. You and I have run missions together, and you have witnessed what my frames and weapons can do. Many other clan members can do the same. It is through the process of forma. A site you want to bookmark – – where you will gain a lot of info about the game. The wiki is always updated with the latest info. Sorry this was so long winded, I wanted to give you the real deal.

  7. I have found Dread works on all three (Infested, Grineer, Corpus) but is far superior on Infested than Paris. Dread is slash damage, Paris Prime is puncture damage. I would use Paris Prime for Grineer and Corpus. Mods? For any type of bow, I go with Serration, Heavy Caliber, Split Chamber, Speed Trigger, Point Strike, Vital Sense, and two elementals for combos. Corrosive plus Cold for Void (take off speed trigger), Magnetic for Corpus, Radiation for Grineer. Pretty much how I do all my weapons in terms of elementals.

  8. Dojo contribution(s).

    I would like to contribute more to the dojo.
    I would like to know how to, what needs to be,
    what I can do, what items need contributing too.
    If we, clan had an updated list of what needs to be,
    that would be awesome. I have plenty, and need to
    contribute, support my clan, dojo.


    • japaneselonewolf said:

      I will work on getting that list and making it accessible or public.

    • grrlscout420 said:

      Supra that is a good point. I know there are others who feel as you do. NappyHeadedFool, I know, will have decorations needing to be built sometime soon and the new rooms and lab in the upcoming update will need contributions too. Whenever projects arise for the dojo, we will have notifications for contributions posted here as well as in-game clan chat. Notifications will include details such as what needs contributions and where to find them. Also a note on how to contribute. *Not unless Wolf, if you want to post a “how to” on here. No rush because there is nothing building ( I believe) at the moment.

    • yeah, if we could get a ‘let know’ somewhere about when things need resources etc, that would rock. ‘specially with solar rails and such in U13

  9. Speed trigger and Fast hands help charge/”reload” faster. Serration and Split Chamber are fun, Arrow Mutation helps to not run out of arrows. Vital Sense and Point Strike bring the crits for lols, and Stormbringer and Infected clip let you hit corrosive dmg. As far as base dmg, it is tied with PP, but Dread has innate punch through when fully charged. I love my Dread something fierce lol :D. Personally, I think it’s mostly preference, but I also think the Dread looks way cooler than PP.

    • DENTY225 said:

      Cheers Ian, I’ll spud up dread first then. Problem I have us my mods are ranked up so can’t try many ccombo’s on lv30 weapons.
      As for looks, Nekros looks menacing with Dread in his hand but Frost Prime looks well smart with PP. Looks like I’ll keep both!

  10. DENTY225 said:

    Advice please regarding bows. Which is best, paris prime or dread? I currently have both at level 30 and want to know which to put the reactor on and mod further. And what mods work best on bows?
    Thanks in advance, Paul.

    • I have found Dread works on all three (Infested, Grineer, Corpus) but is far superior on Infested than Paris. Dread is slash damage, Paris Prime is puncture damage. I would use Paris Prime for Grineer and Corpus. Mods? For any type of bow, I go with Serration, Heavy Caliber, Split Chamber, Speed Trigger, Point Strike, Vital Sense, and two elementals for combos. Corrosive plus Cold for Void (take off speed trigger), Magnetic for Corpus, Radiation for Grineer. Pretty much how I do all my weapons in terms of elementals.

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