Axios Prime Clan Member Community Page

NOTE: We are a MATURE clan, recruiting gamers and players who are 18+ years in age.

This page is dedicated to you, our clan members, for you to leave submissions for discussions, ideas, general ramblings, hypothesis, scientific discoveries, etc. Also SWAG. (Silly wild ass guesses.) If your ideas have merit, chances are they will be initiated into the clan. After all, a clan member proposed a member community page, and here it is.

Leave your musings in the comments section, and as always, everyone have fun.


144 thoughts on “Axios Prime Clan Member Community Page”

  1. grrlscout420 said:

    Just to let my clan folk know, the new website is up and ready for members to register. This new site is for Axios to play together , but play games other than Warframe. We can keep the wordpress site available for all things Warframe. I do know many of us will play the new games coming out. But at least we can still keep in touch when we’re not logged onto WF.

    Here’s the Link

  2. Ok I’m back, and as promised here is a link to Warframe forum discussing a program like the on I described.
    Through this forum there is a link at the beginning of the post that will direct you to the program. You do not have to download it either to use it. It is still being worked on and I hope that later on he progresses it to the current dojo spaces that we have now but for the most part it’s all there with the exception of research labs, the starting dojo hall, obstacle course and oracle. I hope this helps you, this only helped me so much in the development of my dojo layout and visiting many clans for trades, duels and friends dojo further inspired my current layout as well. If anyone is interested in doing a vault run, I’m usually running those, and have all the keys or need a hand etc. don’t hesitate to ask me, I’m still here for you guys, ambient a little further away.

    Remain vigilant fellow Tenno.

  3. Crustyboy said:

    Pretty sure most of you already knew/bought this but wanna make sure that the rest of our fellow tenno members don’t miss out on this!
    With U13 DE added an exclusive color pack for us PS4 users called “PSIV” and it costs only 1 credit! That’s right, no bug, 1 credit! And it has some pretty cool colors like pure white and deep black (thx for wasting my plat on Smoke colors for those…) and what looks to me like the “Nyx”-green for example. But what does “PSIV” stands for? Anyways… Go get it! Now! 🙂

    • Didn’t see till earlier but I actually got my profile pic off of google images xD loki is like my most used and favorite frame because I like his stealthy aspect, can run a whole mission unnoticed and also think that he is gna be extremely useful for the new rescue 2.0. His 400% damage steroid he gets when he is invisible is also incredible especially paired with me lecta which has amazing proc and status chance paired with a very big range and inherent ability to hit multiple targets at once.

    • DreadWinter said:

      PSIV=PlayStation 4

  4. crustyboy said:

    To all who missed it – watch this:

    I’m actually most excited about what you see at 4:30min – redesign of Loki and Rhino! Will all frames get an design-overhaul?! 🙂

  5. DENTY225 said:

    Explosives are fun, Nuff said,

    • crustyboy said:

      NukerDenty runs these weapons only from now on:

      Primary: Penta / Ogris
      Secondary: Castanas / Stug
      Melee: Glaive / Kestrel

      If you squad up with NukerDenty – you better bring your earplugs!

      • NukerDenty. Sounds like a British boy band . . . “And now, live from Wembley Stadium, in their world debut, please welcome, NukerDenty and the Castanas!!!!”

      • And shields, because you’ll spend a lot of time in the middle of a fight reviving him when he blows himself up.

      • Don’t worry Denty I will always have your back here in the colonies. I’ll prime them you blow them up!

      • DENTY225 said:

        Pmsl, thanks guys now I know what to do when sony let us change our psn names!
        I’ll have trinity to level this weekend so hope you’ll all be around to help keep me on my feet.
        Oh, and the stug!

  6. So even though I have left the clan I want you guys to know I still really love this clan and idk how exactly to show that appreciation. My had a few problems with this clan which is why I left, and honestly they seem quite foolish. One, was the half the members in the clan were no longer active and I found it irritable that we had to pull up resources for research decorations and rooms. Another was the clan dojo layout which seemed like quite a mess. While I requested that i take control of that part of the clan you suggested I refer back to Nappyheadedfool. While I had no problem with this, I did however had concerns that he seemed to never be on, I understand he was busy with his own life. Well anyway I decided to pursue my own ambitions and start my own clan, being OCD as I am I tried to figure out a way to set up the clan layout in advance. I found a link on reddit which lead me to use someone’s program that allowed you to do that exact thing. While I’m on my phone at the moment I will be posting the following the link in a later post. That way you guys can maybe beautify your guy’s dojo, so that you can take in suggestions or whatever, maybe even make an event out of it. I still play with some clan members and I don’t want you guys to forget about me! Pls add me if your I game etc and need an extra hand with whatever or would be interested in trading or even visit my dojo and see how my progress is going or inspire your own dojo layouts. Anyway hope to hear from you guys, please add me to the alliance if you would take me: it’s currently called Grand Master, but that may change in the future. Anyway thanks for really make Warframe enjoyable for me.

    Remain vigilant fellow Tenno

  7. Hats off to Dice_Thrown

    Last night, dice came to my aid, clearing out my final nodes in Eris, my final planet to finish. Thank you Dice.

    Destiny…. Looking forward to Destiny. I think my handle name in Destiny is
    Supra Advyn.

    “NOTE: We are a MATURE clan,
    recruiting gamers and players who are 18+ years in age. ”

    Has this become an issue?

    Lastly, I do not use coms in game due to my home environment at this time in space.
    This could change in the near distant future, but the wife having different work hours
    than I, having to get up very very early in the morning, I do not wish to rouse Her up due to conversation (s) within game. (Has happened before, do not want to repeat).


    • My pleasure, Supra! I’ve got a good bit of the later planets to clear, so let me know if you want to knock out Pluto or Sedna or any of the others.

    • Same here folks, I finished all my nodes that same day. Anyone needs any help completing the solar system, don’t hesitate to ask when I’m online — which is way too often!

  8. Sometime tonight, Friday, or this weekend, I will make a couple videos. Weapon builds, a little gameplay to support my build and the reasoning behind them. Then I will post them on my wall on the new guild site. One, just as a test, and two, something to spread the love once the site is officially open for clan consumption. Waiting for Scout to give the go-ahead and release the hounds!!

    I will make videos like this on a continual basis. Also thinking of putting them on Twitch. Or YouTube.

  9. grrlscout420 said:

    Right now in our dojo, we are building new rooms, elevators, decorations and more! Please stop by and contribute any resources you can spare. Just ride the elevators up to the 3rd floor – there are a few places up there to contribute. Thank you for your help in making our dojo bigger & better!

  10. grrlscout420 said:

    A side note for members unaware, but if you have any questions, they may have already been answered here! Try searching your topic/subject (top, right-hand of webpage). I’m sure you will find what you’re looking for 🙂

  11. for those who missed the post on the main page, Our alliance is The Quantum Guild. We consist of 404Hunters, SorrowBringers, The Chosen Few and Team Time Zone. Clan heads of these clan are usdaent, starbeast22, & Kunaarake4, respectively. Head to the alliance tab in the social menu to meet your new allies! More to be posted when we lay down our rails or allies rails. When the time comes, be ready for battle with your best frame, squad up and defend our rails!

  12. grrlscout420 said:

    Just a reminder to those fairly new to Warframe, check out the official Warframe site and download the Fansite kit. It offers you boosters, artwork and other goodies.

  13. grrlscout420 said:

    For those of you who plan on pre-ordering Destiny, I found info on the game and the beta.
    I have my copy pre-ordered and a few members told me that they are getting the game too. There are plans to expand AXIOS to other games and Destiny is just the beginning. If you do plan to get Destiny on day one or later, shoot me an invite!

  14. Crustyboy said:

    Hi all! What does everyone think of the aura Corrosive Projection?
    I know that Energy Siphon and Rifle amp (and now Steel Charge maybe) are everyone’s favorite but I think this one really deserves more love. If 2 in a squad bring one each the armor gets reduced by 60%, with 3 it’s 90%, imagine what difference this would make in a high level Void for example. Heavy Gunners with no armor 😀

    • Allen Harper said:

      I really wish there was more flexibility for changing auras on the fly for situational use cases. For example: We build a clan 4 man to run ODD with a goal of hitting wave 100 with as little pain as possible… making sure to bring the best possible comp to make this a reality… say, Vauban, Nekros, Nova, and Rhino Prime (stun bot/roar build). As it stands now, you are stuck with what polarity these frames have… be it from forma or the native slot polarity. This makes it next to impossible to have you squad members swap out their auras for an ideal mix for this particular venture (energy siphon x2, rifle amp, infested impedance). And lets be honest, since there are 40% more tactic polarity auras than attack and defense combined (3D, 3A, 10T currently)… most everyone has forma that slot to tactic by now anyways.

      • Allen Harper said:

        also… for those that don’t know… Axios is greek for Worthy… 😉

    • grrlscout420 said:

      I use corrosive projection I’m a few of my frames. I love it

    • iexist8 said:

      makes a lot of sense, I will have to go looking for one

  15. Would yall be interested in a new clan logo?

    • let us know what it is

    • grrlscout420 said:

      We have been asked that before and we are open to ideas on future clan emblems. For now, the current emblem will be available until further notice.

    • crustyboy said:

      Why not post your and maybe others suggestions right here so people can vote or give their opinions? I think our clan encourages everyone wanting to contribute or suggest improvements in all ways. The problem with our current logo, if I was to look for one, are the dark colors that make it hard to see or “stand out”, especially the black “A” is hard to tell. And where is our logo on this site? 🙂

      • Allen Harper said:

        sorry for being so vague, I’m a web developer by trade, with a background in UI/UX and general design… and if I went down this road… I wanted to spend the time to do it right and come up with a few good options. I asked before I started because I didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes or waste a ton of effort if the idea wasn’t going to be well received. Now that I have some of leaderships input, I’ll break ground on this and let you guys know.

    • Allen Harper said:

      Idea 1:
      Not sure how it will play out once it’s sized down and given some texture or color…
      Interesting thing I learned… if I add any lighting or bloom to the finished image… the clan emblem image processing they use will amplify it when on your character… pretty cool really…

      Stay tuned for more versions to come… gonna make some that are a bit more graphical/logo type in nature as well… instead of using the text. I feel like this one, in white, would look dope on a flag… maybe with the word “prime” added to it in a light extended typeface… but I feel like it would fall apart on a warframe badge…

      • crustyboy said:

        Wow, I like it! Let’s see more 😀
        One thing I realized yesterday while playing some Dark Sectors is that our logo turned all red, everywhere i stood and in all angles… I was starting to question if we changed the color from the blue to red but turned out it only happens in the Dark Sectors.. maybe its in all the new Shipyards tile-sets, haven’t paid that much attention to it before….

      • I like it, very cool. Looking forward to see what else you come up with!

  16. I would like to be the clan architect

  17. iexist8 said:

    hello, good evenin and good mornin, just thought I’d say that I’m enjoying playing warframe and being part of this clan. this is my first real journey into social gaming, been flying solo for years, but I liked the idea of teaming up with people to kill things for loot and now I’m doing it I find its good fun, so nice one for that folks. anyway I’m always up for doing some missions when I’m on or helping out if needed, I’ve got a nice shiny new boltor and just love any chance to use it so all invites are welcome.

    peace to all


    • sicklymodded666 said:

      First time today I had a chance to play with u… good convo and will def play with u again. Im always up for just playing or helping out, I usually have keys and alot of spare time, as much as my gf will allow that is lol… so just shoot me an invite if u want to play

    • DENTY225 said:

      Been good running with you mate, a familiar accent is always welcome!

  18. sicklymodded666 said:

    Im at work but just watched the live stream and its goes live today sometime

  19. sicklymodded666 said:

    U13 goes live TODAY!!!

  20. Destiny (the up coming game) Beta, release.

    I have been waiting for Destiny for quite along time, prior to PS4, Warframe release.
    I was on the Amazon PS4 pre sale list back in august ( I am a PS junkie).
    So back in early November when Destiny went pre sale with Beta access, I had procured a pre sale, monitoring the development of, etc.
    Finally my PS4 arrived on launch day, and down loaded Warframe. My thoughts were I will play Warframe till Destiny Beta is released. Well, I am hooked. I will not abandon Warframe, But I will be playing Destiny. That said,
    Destiny Beta is soon. I would like to play with my warframe clan, if there are some clan members that are going to play Destiny.
    Early November, I also developed a Guild, “The Elders.”
    Basically with the same intent, scope of Axios Prime, a casual mature clan, guild.
    So, if you plan on playing Destiny, as well playing Warframe, please let me know,
    I would like to play with clan mates.


  21. Good morning,
    This could be a dumb question. I hope not.
    What clan type are we? Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain or Moon
    I am not sure if I ever saw it posted anywhere.

    • sicklymodded666 said:

      Hmmmmm idk… one of these other fine players im sure will let us know… good question tho

    • crustyboy said:

      I think we are still a Mountain clan (max 300 members)… not sure what I think about upgrading to Moon clan with those resource costs… guess we would have to fill up with new members pretty quick 🙂

      • sicklymodded666 said:

        Honestly, I my opinion, over 300 gets to be a little to much….hard to build playing relationships with people.. always someone new… y not just play random games….again just my opinion. One of the reasons I joined was that it was a layed back group of mature players… going big isnt always a good thing.. just my opinion :p

      • I’ve always loved a mountain view… peaceful

      • Crustyboy said:

        Totally with u two on this… I was even a bit sceptical when we upgraded to Mountain size but it turned out great. But the jump from 300 to 1000 members is a completely different thing. Especially regarding the member relationships you mentioned sickly (and how annoying would the scrolling in the members list become). I fully understand players that wanna be part of a Moon clan, they do have their advantages, like the competitive part or more members online 24/7, but they also have a completely different atmosphere – and I’m not sure if I wanna be part of such a clan, if so I would have joined one from the beginning. But I trust our clan lords, if they wanna upgrade I’ll support it but there is no way to downgrade a clan and it would be a shame to see Axios Prime become just like any other clan…

      • Crustyboy said:

        Oh guess I pressed the wrong “Reply”-button… Should have pressed yours Remus below, stuff gets confusing here 😛

    • ill second that sickly.

      • Honestly I think it’s already at that point. I would have been happy at 100 as the limit, even that is questionable to me, because I only play with about 15-30 people in the clan regularly

      • crustyboy said:

        Guess that’s kinda true… but then again a lot of those 15-30 active players joined after we upgraded to mountain size… but I agree, a 100 members clan with all “active” and “communicating” (a keyboard does wonders for writing in the clan chat) members would be the sweet spot! But any less would be tuff due to time differences, especially between our European and American members…

      • Its just nice to see people on and willing to play a few quick matches. You guys have built a very good community here. I have been in a few clans in my 40 years on this earth and in my short time with Axios I have come to appreciate the structure and people you have. It would be cool to get a true clan forum going for this type of discussions. Especially with the amount of members there are now.

  22. There are three or four other clans with possibilities for alliances. Grrlscout has the names of other clans or warlords of those clans. The first step would be to gather the necessary credits and other resources to build the rails. Definitely won’t be a first day of Update 13 type of thing. Everyone will probably be busy farming and grinding for melee mods in addition to gathering the resources for the rails.

    • I have about 1m credits saved for the rail and as well as 300+ oxium. I’ve been grinding resources since the update is coming in slow. I really do hope we can in 1 day.

  23. How you can tell it is time to take a day or night off from Warframe – you dream of defense missions in your sleep. More than once.

  24. Hello my fine Axios member.
    After having plenty of discussions this weekend I realized something.. Everyone has some idea of what is coming with U13 but no one seems to know it all. I have also not found 1 resource to cover what will be in the PS4 U13 update. I have the link to the PC version update
    Will there be any deleted or added items?
    Plus I want to discuss some of this.
    How will we as a clan build the new rooms and the Rail? those kinds of things..
    Please discuss, I am intrigued…..Inquiring minds want to know….

    • Until Rebecca updates the release version for PS4, read the PC side of things. When Sony gives the cert their blessing, our side will have everything contained within. If anything, items and enhancements as well as bug fixes will be added. When Rebecca posts it on the Warframe forum, I will create a post on the main page with links to the full release notes, as I did before with Update 12.

      New rooms are added by the warlord or officers. Rails will be built in the dojo lab, but will require a lot of credits, about 500,000 per rail if memory serves well, and other resources to be collected. I would imagine Sony will release Update 13 this week, no later than Friday, unless they find a snag. Or more. It has happened before, holding up the release by two weeks.

      Patience is key.

      • sicklymodded666 said:

        Do we have an alliance?

      • That’s a good one sickly..I think I saw wolf say there are possibilities in another post.
        How will we donate to the completion of the rail and rooms?Will there be a strategy for which sectors we will try to control?
        Can I get my picture with the rail so I can make Christmas cards? This is Important stuff!

  25. sicklymodded666 said:

    I met our friend today, the harvester, in nightmare. No one knew he was there… my bolster prime and bo took good care of him… detron barrel in hand. Tonight around or close after 7pm eastern im going to be farming him and g3… looking for weapons. Looking for a team of 3 to hunt with me.

  26. sicklymodded666 said:

    Hey everyone. Im going to be farming the g3 and harvester tonight… 10/11pm eastern… looking for 3 others to join… really want to get there weapons… let me know

  27. sicklymodded666 said:

    Would love to do some G3 farming tonight of anyone is interested…. closer to 11/12pm est.

  28. Orthos Prime Parts, T 2 capture

    Tonight, friday, May 2nd.

    I will be hosting T 2 caps until I run out of keys to obtain Ortho Prime parts.
    would like to put a squad together, bring your running shoes, etc.
    Pm me in game if you want to join in the squad.


  29. HURRAY!
    According to DERebecca U13 went for certification late yesturday.

  30. DENTY225 said:

    As melee 2.0 wil soon be upon us maybe we should celebrate its arrival by having a gathering in the dojo sparring room to test out the new moves. This will also be a great opportunity to see what that weapon you were considering building can do.

    • This is a pretty good idea. Since I am awful as a ninja and completely prefer my space boomerang (Kestral). Just having the conversation of how 2.0 will change the game play would be nice to have.

  31. grrlscout420 said:

    I just wanted to say hi! to everyone. I have not been able to hop on to grind with you since… Wow, it’s been a few days. I am glad members are happy to be a part of AXIOS. This is exactly the kind of clan I want to be a part of. Thanks to everyone who have made AXIOS great and it’s good to hear that we’re being noticed by other Tenno. Miss you all and see you soon!

  32. DENTY225 said:

    Just passed that damn level 8 test. I’m buzzing!
    For those who are or may struggle with it , i used Rhino with stamina mods and took ignis to hit the globes easier. Go steady and dont jump off the platforms too early.
    Yes i heard use loki’s teleport or zephyr’s tail wind, but loki can’t teleport to a platform that Isn’t there yet and my zephyr is still 1 component away. It is possible with a slow frame, just takes a bit of patience .
    Good luck!

  33. Regarding finding new members and the impression you (we) make:

    The other day I was playing with Wolf and Denty on a farming mission. We had a random player with us in the game. Being from the same clan, the three of us kept up a constant banter, heckling each other, pointing out important finds, way pointing oxium etc, and just having a good time running a relatively easy mission for loot. We soon noticed the fourth member began to talk and he, too, started to point out his finds etc. (y’all will have to forgive me, but I forgot the other player’s name)

    At the end of the run, he asked if we were in a clan together or just friends who play together. We told him we were in a clan. He asked what the clan was like and eventually asked how he could join. Wolf told him he was an officer and could send him an invitation if he wanted one. The individual indicated he would like that. Within five minutes the deal was done and he was in our chat room. I believe his first comment was (paraphrased), “wow, a clan with real people.”

    The point to all this is; there are people out there that notice camaraderie, team play, and an honest interest in helping each other out in a mission. It makes a game far more fun to play when you’re working together instead of feeling like it’s every player to themselves and “I’ll help you as long as it doesn’t “cost” me anything.” Some people even find it hard to believe. (I got a long lecture recently on how stupid I was for giving away a Boltor Prime BP to a clan mate instead of selling it for plat. OK, I didn’t “give” it away, he traded me a vacuum mod for it.)

    So, sometimes it’s good to leave an open slot on planet missions for a random player because as a clan, we do make an impression on those we play with. I’ve gotten a lot of random friend requests from games simply because I make an effort to point out oxium. Players do take notice of team attitude and, though not likely to admit it, prefer that to every player for themselves.

    Nuff said.

    • Awesome.
      And awesome for the BP offering, what comes around, goes around.
      Some Tenno apply a value to items, that is okay.
      Some Tenno apply gesture to items, that is commendable, and rewarding.
      So many clan Tenno have just given me what I request, in need for. Karma.

      Great right up, experience!


    • Indeed..I used to tell my employees a very important phrase: “You’re microphone is always on”…no matter where you are or what you are doing, that little badge on your shoulder lets people know who is playing co-op for co-op, and who’s being a dick. I’m grateful to those whom I’ve played with in clan, as none of you have played like asshats. Thanks for being such a great clan, and helpful friendly clan mates 😀

      • DENTY225 said:

        The guy we met was Sailborn. He quickly picked up that we were working together gathering resources and as Jk said the banter made it obvious how much fun we have playing together. I was surprised that he joined us in marking waypoints and chatting, and I actually thought he was a new member of the clan I’d not met before. Best thing is, now he is a member of our clan.
        As for giving away precious item’s f.o.c. this is an excellent part of our clan culture which should be applauded. I’ve been part of this culture on both sides and as good as it is to receive, knowing you’ve helped someone out is a great feeling. A vaccum mod for boltor prime bp sounds like a good trade to me (thanks JK:-))
        Lastly, regarding Wolf’s glaive suicide vid I’d like to say accidents do happen. And thanks for all the revives!

    • DreadWinter said:

      Very true…I am new to online gaming, always played single player and offline. The other day was trolled by 2 random players, made for a miserable mission experience. But the runs I go on with classmates are great fun. I really enjoy the attitude of helping each other and the banter. So thank you for making a “newbie” feel welcomed. Well, enough sucking up for one day. Besides, if I get anymore mushy, I’ll bring a tear to my eye and who wants to see a grown tenno cry.

  34. 4/18/2014, Appollodorus Squads!
    Last night, wow, awesome.
    I want to thank the Clan Tenno that stuck with me during the Appollodorus squad runs! We stuck together threw thick and thin up to about the 35 minute mark on each run. I just giggly when the time gets up to the 28, 30 minute mark. really starts to get thick and interesting at that point. I love mowing down the Grinneer!

    So, thanks to all that participated! o7


  35. Witch3rDC52 said:

    Efficiently Farming for Resources, Tower Key and Ranking Frames/Weapons

    I hate to grind so having played here since Christmas, I have work on a method to do all the aforementioned items at once, particularly since future ends have resources leaving the Void.

    If you play Survival mission, you get Tower keys at the 15 min and 35 min marks, then every 20 minutes there after. If you don’t need exp or resources, do 15 mins, exit and restart.

    So I rank my frames and weapons in this order:

    T1 Rewards
    T1 keys only

    Appolodorus Mercury – T1 keys and great way to rank weapons and frames up to rank 10. I would recommend going to the 35 min mark since the exp given is a lot better after 15 to 20 mins.

    Mimas Saturn – T1 keys and Orokin Cells and currently great place for Oxium, which I hear is needed for Update 13.

    T2 Rewards
    T2 keys 15% chance, T3 keys 5% chance
    Again, going to the 35 min mark gains higher exp and if Corpus are there, better chance for Oxium. If you don’t need either, then go 15 mins, exit and restart.

    Cambria Earth – Neurodes

    Elara Jupiter – Neural Sensors

    Selkie Sedna – Salvage (different place to play)

    T3 Rewards
    T2 & T3 Keys have 10% chance to drop. Best places to farm T3 keys

    Phalan Eris -Neurodes

    Nuovo Ceres – Orokin Cells

    Sedna Yemaju – Higher difficulty rank 4

    Palus Pluto – Highest Difficulty on planets but supposedly best chance for multishot

  36. crustyboy said:

    To all PlayStation Plus members – FREE Warframe®: PlayStation®Plus Starter Pack!!/en-se/games/addons/warframe-playstationplus-starter-pack/cid=EP2097-CUSA00106_00-PLU0010000000000

    – 100 Platinum + 50,000 Credits to start stocking up on equipment immediately
    – Falcon Mod Card Pack – 5 random Mod Cards to begin upgrading your Warframes and weapons right away
    – 3-Day Affinity Booster – Ranks up equipment at a faster rate for 3 days
    – 3-Day Credit Booster – Gather Credits faster for 3 days

  37. DENTY225 said:

    As alot of us have recently been busy scouring the void for precious prime parts we have noticed a rather annoying side effect, a lack of keys!
    As not many players seem to be doing planets getting in a squad that’s going to the tower level that may reward your target piece is getting harder. I think we should head into the star map and take note of some easy or quick levels which reward every type of key. That way when you need a key but don’t have it you can go Farm one easily

  38. crustyboy said:

    Pretty exciting info here for whats to come in Warframe in about a year or more, watch from 4:12
    “… BIG changes happening probably in a year or even more. We are talking complete rework to make the games a lot less boring, skill trees and actual real questing, big bosses, lore, they gonna make it like a real Co-op RPG feel action space game – completely reworked…”

  39. I notice not many people give sentinels love. Even if you are geared up with best equipment never neglect your pet.

    I fully modded and even used a catalyst on my sentinels weapon. It’s usually 1 hitting most enemies.

    My point is your sentinels strength is an extension of your strength. And it’s especially useful when your trying to level your gear.

    Be vigilant Tenno.

  40. I like that most of you cut my name short and refer to me as deno. It sounds kind of like Tenno, doesn’t it? xD if you guys ever play other games you may find me with the same username as my psn. Unfortunately they took mine for word press.

    Anyway in clan and squad chat I usually put “zzzz” out of habit. Sometimes I’m just bored, craving attention, ready to do something, or passing out.

    I’m usually an active member and if you guys are farming, planet clearing, or wanna do a vault run or whatever, I’m always ready to go. I usually attempt to do vault runs, but lately it hasn’t been letting me and been constantly logging me out.

    What got me really into this game was the community in this clan and it’s members.

    So, thank you all (:

  41. crustyboy said:

    Hi everyone!

    Not sure if this has been covered yet but we finally got our new clan emblem! (I guess it came with the last update?) It costs 30 plat but – just get it! It looks great!

    How to find it:

    1. Go into the Arsenal page
    2. Choose your Warframe
    3. Click Appearance
    4. Click Badge – and there it is!

    You can also apply it on your Sentinels by clicking Appearance then click Badge

    All info here:

    See you in game!


  42. ” Stick together, they will come to us”

    Tower Defense’s, O D D’s, Survivals, are a great way to level up. They are a great way to level up for the whole squad. “IF” the whole squad keeps together in a relative close proximity.

    defense missions.
    If a squad keeps together, then all squad members benefit from each kill, regardless of who actually pulled the trigger.
    The goals (at least mine)~
    A. level up in a timely manner
    B. Get the loot without drifting too far
    C. Protect the squad
    D. Protect the objective.
    If a squad member is running off to door knock some kills, only that squad member gets the kill #’s if no other squad members are within proximity.
    If a door knocker gets down, bleeds out, and at a distance away, while I am trying to defend a pod, I will have to choose the pod to keep the session going, meeting the goal.

    Survial missions.
    About the same as defense missions, only difference is that a squad stays close to the life support pod.
    Wait for the activated life support pod is drained to about 50~60 %, activate, move to the next pod. Your advisories will come to you… enmass.

    It is all about team work tenno. everyone wants the same thing. If we stick together, we will get all of it, and then some. and then some more 🙂

    “what is that?”

    I get a lot of pm’s about my warframe builds, how I build them, etc.


    That is about the best source of info you can get.
    also, on the forum, an tenno named Darzk does some amazing work. Fanboi I am.

    Warframe is the most customizable game so far.
    You can spend as much time customizing as doing missions, etc.
    I find the aspect of customizing is as just as much fun as actual playing.
    there is quite the learning curve to this game ( I am still learning).
    and the rewards of are off the charts.
    5 forma weapons and warframes for me are a common situation, goal.
    I like my stuff OP, efficient, and total badass in there respective focus.

    So there’s my tidbits for now.
    Enjoy the game.


    • DENTY225 said:

      I totally agree with the team work tactics. That’s why this game got so much better when I joined the clan. Randoms who sprint of into the distance can’t be revived when they are 2 minutes away.
      Do as the infested do, safety in numbers.

  43. \o/ <—- Just because.

  44. “Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight”…..

    Well, that is going to change when melee 2.0 drops for us.
    Speaking for myself, I am glad that PC gets updates before PSN.
    Most bugs and performance issues get addressed prior to PSN cert.

    New tenno Tip of the day~ corrosive (electric + Toxin) is a great all around
    Proc for your weapon(s). And remember, you can outfit, mod three (A,B,C) different
    warframes, weapons of the same, without procuring anymore of the same.

    Examples? sure!
    Ryhno Prime.
    a. Stomp spam build.
    b. total run, sprint mod ( tower captures)

    Boltor Prime
    a. corrosive/ cold (anti Grineer)’
    b. magnetic (anti Corpus)
    c. Gas / viral ( infested )

    this game is so tweekable to personal tastes, truly amazing.


    • japaneselonewolf said:

      so true. PC players brag about being better than PS4 (and I have no idea why). But, they beta test for us, and we get pre-knowledge of the update and pluses and minuses before we receive it. And the whining and crying is SO entertaining. So, hats off to our own beta test site, the control and placebo group, the PC’ers.

      and i pretty much mod my A, B and C weapon choices in the same fashion.

      • DENTY225 said:

        I always have an abc set on weapons for each enemy group. That’s what it’s there for after all! Figuring out what works best, now that’s a dufferent story.

  45. DENTY225 said:

    News regarding ps4 update 13. Looks like next month sometime. :-((
    From warframe forum hot topics thread 11/4/14:

    PS4: What Updates are coming when?
    Our PS4 players should expect the Anniversary Gifts and necessary fixes in the update we submitted earlier this week. We are planning on submitting the next major update after necessary hotfixes have gone out, hopefully before the end of the month!

  46. Here are some of my lil gestures that I use on chat, and what they mean 😉

    o/ (i’m raising my arm, hand, waving. “Hey”, “Hi”, “here I am” )
    o7 (I’m saluting you)
    \o/ (jazz hands, excited…)
    x ( count me in, squading up, doing runs together, etc.)

    just a few of them.
    whatchya got? 😉

  47. Congrats to all clan tenno on the tethra event!

    Last night, I logged in, and received my bounty from tethra event.
    Kinda like christmas. I really do enjoy this game, and hats off to DE
    in so many ways.

    And hats off to the tenno that I squad-ed up with for the Tethra event that gave me a great score. Thank you!

  48. DENTY225 said:

    A little heads up guys. I was reading the hot topics on warframe forum and saw the devs are considering removing buffs from the alternative helmet skins. This could mean that any helm blueprints you have waiting to build may lose its buff. If you’ve already built it you will keep the added buff.

    Time to start forging those helms you’ve not got the Warframe for yet!

  49. New Tenno, We are here for you.

    I’m a first Gen gamer. Yes, I am elder, and a lil wise…. (ass) 😉
    I have always gravitated to FPS type games, and always will.
    I had migrated to warframe from dust 514 and Boarderlands 2.
    I downloaded warframe within days, maybe hours after setting up
    my newly acquired PS4 arriving on my doorstep on release date.
    First crack into warframe, omg, what the hek is this? Too much at once,
    I put it away, did not log back in till I got my learn on about it… and to this day, I am still learning. Now I am at knocking on master rank 8’s door (dam test).
    Plenty of clan players way ahead of me, plenty of clan players just getting into it.

    Now matter at what level, the sense of fellowship within the clan is high.
    We help each other out 24/7 in any aspect of the game.

    Mods~ When starting out in this game, some mods are essential to get you going, get you thru the game. Be it warframe mods, weapons mods, melee mods.
    There are specific mods that boost specific traits, aspects, abilities, damage, etc.
    Clan tenno that have time into the game have incurred plenty of “core” or “staple”
    mods, and obtain them all the time, and share the bounty of without anything in return.

    You need something, ask for it. Someone will respond, and usually ask for only a smile in return and to do in return to another clan member as in what has been done to you. What comes around, goes around. There is plenty to share.

    You want something, again, ask for it. You might be surprised….

    Needs and wants. Everything has a price. So be it. I do not mind paying for.
    And I sure have paid for my needs and wants plenty of times. But not really necessary if you have some patients.

    Well, my rant is over. I am told I write like a talk… but I do not talk much… ;O
    See you planet side.


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