About Axios Prime

NOTE: We are a MATURE clan, recruiting gamers and players who are 18+ years in age.

This site has been created with you, the Axios Prime Clan members in mind. We want our members to enjoy their experience as Warframe Tenno, and extend their gaming pleasure even more. In addition, we want you to feel Axios Prime is the clan you mention to your friends . . .

“Hey, I’m really having a ball, playing with these guys! A casual group who are very helpful and friendly. I love running squads with them. You should join.”

We have some ideas to start the ball rolling in extending your game time. Friday and Saturday nights we want to conduct events to help you level up and have fun –

– Farming Runs: you have a need to gather materials to craft weapons, frames, etc. We have strong members to lead the charge and teams to planets, alerts, the void, etc.

– Void Missions: we love squads and teamwork to assist you on all types of Tower missions.

– Orokin Derelict: our ODD Master, AcesOfKings, loves to conduct Orokin Derelict Defense missions.

– Alert Taxi Service: you need to arrive on a planet, but the Alert is locked? No problem! We have strong members who can get you there and assist you on your victory.

– Planet Missions: we have experienced members to help you clear a planet and unlock new missions.

– New Members: new to Warframe? We have members who will run with you, and help you level up, gaining XP and credits while having fun doing it.

– Dojo Duels and Obstacle Course Skill Runs: bring your best frame to the dojo and have loads of laughs while honing your fighting skills. (It really is fun.) Egos and bragging rights are left at the door. It’s all about having a good time.

– Farming Contests: everyone in the clan attacks a mission or alert, gathering as much materials as possible, for building frames and weapons in the dojo research center. Whoever brings in the most material of a certain type, earns a reward.

– Clan Farming: same as Farming Contests, except members attack one location to fill a quota. For example, 20 members run the same mission until everyone has 50 Oxium apiece. That’s 1000 total Oxium to put towards that weapon or frame you are building in the Clan Research Center. Clan Teamwork in action. It’s a win-win for everyone, including gaming XP, credits and additional materials, mod cards, etc.

The Axios Prime Clan page also has a comments section, where members can leave comments, kudos to a member or team who gave you assistance, and add suggestions to make the clan better, provide ideas for new events, etc.

In addition, any night during the week, members are free to ask for assistance at any time on the Clan tab in game. Need a ride to a planet, ask for a taxi to a location. Want a squad to run with you? Post it. Want to run with a squad? Ask for an invite. We are here to assist you, our members who make Axios Prime a great clan!

As always, friends and people you know can request a clan invite in the Warframe forums through our link under PS4 Clan Recruitment, or send a PSN message to grrlscout420420, acesofkings or japaneselonewolf. The Warframe forum page is checked a few times a day for new members.

Thanks in advance and let’s have fun together!

Your Clan Council,

grrlscout420420 – Clan Warlord

jaemcnasty- Clan General

nappyheadedfool – Clan General

acesofkings – Clan Officer

japaneselonewolf – Clan Officer


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