I have obtained a hosted site for our webpage on GoDaddy. This was done mainly to give increased and complete flexibility on webpage enhancement. The free WordPress site did not allow code changes and plug-ins. Our new webpage URL is axiosprime.com. I imported the xml code over to GoDaddy and it appeared to bring over everything. I have to choose a theme and make some other changes I believe the clan will enjoy. We can add unlimited web pages and do other stuff on the hosted site as well as our ideas flow. One of the things I will add to our new location is a scrolling ticker across the top of the page, of Warframe Alerts. I could not do this on the free site.

Change your bookmarks to axiosprime.com. That is where updates and other info will now take place. I will work on getting the page back up to speed today, Sunday afternoon.

Thanks for your support.

If you have ideas for the page and site, let me or GrrlScout know. I will do my best to put it into action.

I will make a final post here to let everyone know the site is complete and everything is as normal. Hopefully by the end of today, Sunday.