I have recently started broadcasting my game play over Twitch TV. The idea is to generate a following, which will lead to donations, as well as eventual clan exposure. There are some gamers earning over $2000 per month. Not to shabby. GrrlScout and JaeMcNasty broadcast their game play as well. If we can get squads to broadcast on Twitch, another stream of viewers can be acquired.

Setup was quite simple once I located the information sources I needed to start. Of course, the first thing to do is register on Twitch.tv and set up your profile and settings page. If you want donations from viewers, a PayPal account is necessary. I used the following link that was very informative in how to set up a donations button on your Twitch channel page. The second link is a listing of various buttons you can use. I rightclicked on a button image, saved it to my laptop, then loaded it to my Twitch page. The video explains how to do it.


Once everything is set up, in game, you can use the Share button, where one of the options is to broadcast your game live over Twitch or UStream. (I forgot about the broadcast option since I last used it back in November.) As a test, I did a 30 minute solo survival stream, then 3 or 4 squad streams. Broadcasted like a champ, and had as many as five followers the first night. This is something I will do on a continuing basis.

If anyone is interested in broadcasting, feel free to ask questions.