The PC received Update 13.5. Do not know when we will receive them. There are two outstanding changes I like. First, Red Crits are back. Basically, some weapons will crit over 100% damage. (Normal crit damage appears in yellow numbers on screen.) If you have a mod build that crits over the 100%, the extra percentage of crit damage appears in red. This damage is added to the other crit damage.

The other very nice change is Ash’s Blade Storm. Now, Ash will generate TWO clones during Blade Storm and all three Ash perform on-screen melee damage.

Another addition I like, Interception Missions have been placed on the other planets for a total of 10 Interceptions.


The link below details the entire update log. Read and enjoy (Doesn’t it make your day brighter when I discover these timely nuggets of insightful knowledge) –