GrrlScout has been busy with work, but she has also been working in the background on clan necessities . . .

Last Saturday, Nappy made some changes to the dojo, to clean things up a bit.

There will be upcoming clan promotions. Hang in there, you have not been forgotten.

It has been noticed we have become top heavy with members who no longer play. The roster has been trimmed, and the trimming will continue. We have a good number of members who are in game on a regular basis, and are very helpful in assisting other clan members. A huge thanks to everyone.

The new guild site? This is a direct quote from Scout – “yeah, I’m making some last minute changes to the new site – we actually can start getting people to move over to it.  I have set it up to where they must fill out an application form in order to join us.   We can add vids, notices, and other pages of info as we go along tho. Anytime this week a notice can go out to Axios about the enjin site. It is in beta stage but is ready for recruitment 🙂

So there it is. Sometimes work and making a living takes precedence, as we all know, the shoulder to the grind stone is a bitch, but fear not, Scout will be in game soon!