Since using FaceBook for a storage and display medium did not work, I have moved my video builds to YouTube, a more dependable location, suitable for viewing. In order to do this, after the videos have been created and edited, I used Capture Gallery on the PS4 menu (somewhere next beside Share Factory) and copied the videos to a USB drive. Then copied to my laptop, and uploaded to YouTube.

The PS4 1.70 update gave us Share Factory, a video editing application. Since our guild site will have screenshot and video album capabilities, I wanted to play around with Share Factory and make some entries sharing some of my builds. Below are two links, how I modded the Glaive Prime and some game play. Share Factory includes the instruction manual, but once you create your first video, you pretty much have the hang of it. Create new project, choose video clips you saved in game, snip, trim, delete, preview, add commentary, render movie. Then share to the world. It really helps if you read the instruction manual first, and others have created YouTube videos depicting how to use Share Factory.

Glaive Prime Parts One and Two



Since I am now hooked on using Share Factory, I decided to continue with the video builds. This time I chose Ash to demonstrate the Orthos Prime, my second favorite melee weapon. (Glaive Prime being the first). Ash and Loki running invisible with an Orthos Prime? Ninja stealth to the max. Now that i’ve created two videos with Share Factory, I want to re-read the manual and get a better grasp of its capabilities, a number of them I have not used or discovered. For what it does, it is pretty sweet and gets the job done.

Anyway, the first link is the explanation of mods, the second is game play. Ash not taking s#&t off anyone. I know in the video I said crit numbers were hitting around 12,000, they were hitting over 20,000 or more. I swear some were close to 30,000.

Orthos Prime Parts One and Two



Sorry for the earlier problem with FaceBook, who will not have the privilege of my videos I lovingly created for you, my viewing audience.