After scouting the universe, it appears the earliest location would be Sechura on Pluto, against The Syndicate. We are going to do our best to be the first ones Sunday morning, tomorrow, around 830am or so, once their armistice has count down. Others may be poised to do the same so wish us luck. If successful in deployment, we will need all hands on deck to assist when the time comes to defend against The Syndicate, clan and alliance members.

If we miss that one, the next location appears to be on Venus, around 7pm Sunday evening.

To explain the waiting period, once a rail has been won, the victor is granted a time period to enjoy the location. Everyone is prohibited from contesting or laying down their own rail until the time period, or armistice, has ended. That is why we have to try and pounce once the armistice has ended, to beat everyone else to the punch.

Will keep everyone abreast of developments . . .