Crusty mentioned creating a post explaining the whole theory behind Solar Rails, Dark Sectors and more, after reading the triumph battle of The Chosen Few (and others in our alliance ) over The Sol Alliance. The following link explains a good deal, revealing some info I was not aware. Follow the link and read, very informative. For example, I did not realize you get XP bonus for killing with a specific type of weapon. I did know you do not get any type of extra reward bonuses while the rail is in conflict (being attacked because a second rail has been installed by a rivaling alliance). I also did not know the Tenno Spectors you face during the conflict were AI generated and controlled. (I thought they were from the other alliance.)

The wiki link also contains an excellent chart, detailing each Dark Sector mission, location, bonuses, and weapon you should use to earn the bonuses.

The second link describes the Solar Rail Sabotage, which I did not know existed.



Be ready to defend our rails when the deed arises. Actually, last night’s battle was kind of fun. At first, Sol did not reward players for coming to their help. After a while, they posted a credit reward to gain assistance. Somewhere around 7am this morning, The Chosen Few should have retained their rail