Wanted to share with others in case it happens to you. Made a trade with Aces in dojo last night. Shortly after we arrived in dojo, everything about the game turned into slow motion, even after I left the dojo. Frame and screen movement, menus, chat tabs, solar system. Try scrolling through the trading tab at slow motion. Unresponsive. Played a t2 defense. I’m moving in thick frozen molasses along with everything else I can see, while everyone else around me is moving at normal speed. Not fun. No, I did not have any dragon keys.

Tried restarting game. Fubar. Checked options and settings. Nothing, other than for some strange reason my region was set to North America West, instead of East. (I live in sunny, warm, balmy Florida.) Checked online in forum and Google. I was not the only individual on Earth who experienced this issue. Others even said it also happened in other games, leading me to believe it was console related and not Warframe.

The only solution, which finally worked, completely shut down the PS4. Not Standby, turn off everything. Go dark. Wait 30 seconds. Start PS4 again. Problem solved. Issue did not return. Rhino moved like a fuel injected, adrenaline filled mammal once again. (Yes, Rhinos are classified as mammals.)

If you experience the above, save yourself the aggravation and unpleasantness, completely shut down the system, give it a half minute to regroup, and restart.