Speaking with Aces last night, we should be at the stage where we can now begin construction on our solar rails. If you have any resources or credits to contribute, the 3rd floor solar rail lab is the place to do it. Don’t hold me to this, as I have not been in the lab itself, seeing as it had two hours to go Sunday night 8PM before lab research was complete, but the following resources appears to be what is necessary to create the rail, and I am taking this info from the wiki screen shot:

500,000 credits, 25 gallium, 15,000 rubedo, 15,000 plastids and 25 control modules. This appears to be per rail.

Our first alliance is 404Hunters, in case you noticed the extra tab named Alliance in the game.

Other clans/alliances have placed rails in the solar system. I plan to run Dark Sector missions tonight and all this week if their rails are complete. If you want to forge ahead and we can enter that section, feel free to squad up. The survival and defense locations in the Dark Sector are where channeling mods can be obtained. If you want to know more about the process of protecting the rails once they have been deployed, there is a 7 page in game tutorial. Put the game cursor on a Dark Sector location that has not been claimed, press X and one of your options will be the green triangle, which is the tutorial. Worth reading.

With Update 13, stance mods are now available, if you haven’t already started farming for them. Look on the wiki for where they drop and who drops them. If memory is correct, there are 27 stance mods.

Drop tables have been updated, follow the link and print the info to your heart’s desire.