Saw this posted by DE Drew on the Warframe site. It is hitting the PC side today, we have a little more time, as stated at the end of this post. If you haven’t obtained the helmets you want with stats, now is the time to do it. You snooze, you lose.

Posted 01 May 2014 – 03:37 PM


Next week on PC, we will begin phasing out the stat modifiers on alternate helmets. 

If you already have a helmet with stats:

Nothing will change in your inventory; your helmet with stats will remain. You will see it is now called the ARCANE helmet type.

If you have a helmet with stats but do not want the stats:

You will have the option to remove the ARCANE property from your helmet through the Foundry.

If you do not have any helmets and want one with stats:

You have 1 week to craft or buy a helmet with stats. After Wednesday, May 7th, helmets with stats will be phased out.

Why the change and what does it mean for cosmetics in the long term? 

Colour pickers were the first cosmetic items, then (in Closed Beta) alternate helmets were added to the game as cosmetic item – but with stats. Some stats felt arbitrary and others felt mandatory for build optimization. Dev has commented that putting stats on helmets was not a decision they felt is right in the long term. We cannot make a definitive statement on the future of stats with cosmetic items, because ultimately, there are some players who still want stats (or other boosts/customizations) to play a role with cosmetics, and there are other players who want cosmetics to remain purely cosmetic.

Tenno on PS4:

We will give you a more accurate notice when the change will be implemented for you (likely not until a future update), but the phasing out will still apply, so this information is still relevant.

UPDATE: if you have a stat helm blueprint, you’ll still be able to craft it after the change. We are also working to make Arcane Helmets tradeable.