While checking for Update 13 news, I found this, posted by Drew from DE on May 2nd. Some of it will pertain to PS4, other stuff for PC but still worth reading, even if some of the update stuff isn’t clear to you.

Latest News on PS4 Update 13

Shedding some light on the Dark Sectors update

The update was submitted to Sony for Certification in the wee early hours of May 1st. Hopefully, everything goes well, but we are expecting a longer than normal certification process due to the size of the update. We’ll keep you posted when we have more information to share. (JapaneseLoneWolf: In other words, maybe not this week.)

The Update 13 Status thread can be found here:


Specters of Liberty

I choose you, Tenno Specter!

Many players have voiced their love for these new friends, even if they think the specters act a little odd. There have been a few threads about the Specters’ questionable battle tactics, and threads about the conclave rating of mods, which have forced some Specters to be made with strange loadouts. Overall,  the Specter threads have been full of great feedback about how to best equip and use the new team mates. Many of you have mentioned that you hate leaving your Specter friends behind at the end of the mission, and you would like a reasonable way to keep your Specter between missions (the most common suggestion is to add a repair cost). This has sparked a lot of discussions in-house, we will likely be making adjustments.

“Rescue 2.0” has also gotten some great feedback, and countless Red Veil Resistance members  have already been saved throughout the Solar System. The use of stealth in the new rescue missions is a (light) step into some much requested stealth additions. Several threads have suggested ways to improve the stealth in Rescue missions by adding more severe consequences for being spotted. Please, keep sharing your feedback for Specters of Liberty (and yes, we know the hostage sometimes makes questionable decisions)!

If you haven’t had a chance to try the new update, you can read more about it here:


The State of Stat Helms

Helms are headed in a new direction

The underlying choice to remove stats from helmets has been well received by many players, because it means any helm can be worn without worrying about modifiers. But the implementation plans are still not being considered the best idea by players. Responses to the removal of stat helms have been split between some suggestions that we remove stats from helms entirely, and other suggestions that we include ways to add stats back on in the future. For now, the future of cosmetic items will be purely cosmetic.

The original announcement can be found here:


Topic Still Burning: PS4 & PC Performance

PC or PS4, better performance, what’s in store?

PS4: the update 13 build contains zone culling changes that should improve performance (we are expecting this to significantly help with framerate issues).

PC: there have been a significant amount of performance based threads, many mentioning hitches in gameplay throughout all maps, many of which we are investigating, but there are ways to help on your end. Try the following tips to quickly improve performance:

1. Make sure you have the latest drivers!

2. If you have an Nvidia card, run in DX11.

3. If you’ve changed any of your driver settings, restore them to default settings and use the in-game settings instead.

Topic Still Burning: “Dilution Solutions”

While it’s not an update that things have changed, we’d like to let everyone know this particular topic is being discussed seriously!

A common complaint about new content is that it makes certain drops increasingly difficult to acquire. Thankfully, new content also gives us new ways and places to distribute loot. For example, some players have suggested that we make Ability Mods drop from the new Tenno Specters. That is a great idea that wasn’t available until U13. As new mods are released, we will be continuously looking at ways to improve drop tables and spread the wealth throughout the Solar System (or Void – as in adding more difficult missions T4 style!)