If you haven’t turned on your PS4 yet, expect the operating system to display a message for you to sign in, but first the latest update 1.70 will be waiting for you to download and install. It doesn’t take long. Depending on your internet speed.

In other news, at 7:30AM Eastern Daylight Time, there was still no word on Twitter or in the forum of the update being sent to Sony. At least DE is vigilant about ensuring Melee 2.0 and our controllers will mesh well. For those of you who weren’t online last night when I posted it on the clan tab, this was the latest news from Rebecca.

4/29/2014: We’re almost there – the PS4 team has reported they are nearing the finish line. Some must-fix issues regarding controller + melee 2.0 are almost done!

4/28/2014: Monday is here and almost gone, dev is working incredibly hard to get everything ready. Will get another status report as we’re closer – still on target for this week!