While we await news of our own Update 13 going to Sony, the PC side is receiving 13.1.2. Below are changes, enhancements and fixes we can eventually expect. Other than the bug fixes, I personally enjoy knowing the Rejuvenation Aura mod now heals your Sentinel health.

Additions (from Devstream #27):

Added new Katana Stance – Decisive Judgment, including new Combos!

Added new combos for the following weapons:

  • New Glaive Weapon Combos!
  • New Scythe Weapon Combos!
  • New Staff Weapon Combos!


  • Optimized the collision on a number of Grineer art assets.
  • Tweaked a number of Dagger and Axe parry sound effects.
  • Improved the performance of the Amprex on low end machines.
  • Scaled the Wings and Tail of the Shade Sentinel when using the Sprite skin.
  • The automatic-divvying of Alliance Vault resources when a Clan joins or leave the Alliance has been disabled. Manual divvying is still possible.
  • Added in the ability for Alliance ¬†Treasurers to transfer funds from their Clan Vault to their Alliance Vault.
  • There are now separate “Quick Melee” and “Melee Attack” key bindings.
  • Improved the performance of in game Transmissions.
  • Roll animations will no longer play automatically after sprinting and jumping. Rolls will now only play when the player drops far enough and are moving forward.


  • Fixed the visuals on the battery component of the Amprex rifle.
  • Yet another instance of very large numerical values, i.e credits, appearing incorrectly in game.
  • Fixed a number of localization issues.
  • Fixed an issue with certain forms of damage not properly destroying Orokin Traps.
  • Fixed a number of crashes.
  • Fixed a number of projectile types ignoring Mag’s Bullet Attractor power.
  • Fixed an issue with invisible collision causing a progression stopper in the Shipyards Defense tileset.
  • Fixed a number of missing slide sound effects for whip type weapons.
  • Fixed an issue with the Grustrag and Kril dioramas displaying incorrect weapons.
  • Fixed an issue with the Rejuvenation Aura mod not healing Sentinel health.
  • Fixed an issue with Grustrag Bolt providing extra wallrun Stamina instead of losing it +50% faster.
  • Fixed a number of melee finishers.