While browsing the Warframe forum, I came across this nugget of information, posted by Salishaz, Warlord of the Shadows of Vengeance. Seeing as we have yet to experience Solar Rail defense, attack or anything else related to rail survival, this may come in handy somewhere in the near future . . .

Greetings Tenno,

[I have modified this post to reflect the best information I have available as of the edit date. If more information becomes available I will modify this original page to reflect the changes.]

Things you should know before attacking a rail:

–          The best approximation of missions/percent we can make right now is about 750 single missions to do 1% damage to the opponent’s rail.

–          Battle pay is set up as a set amount of credits for a set number of missions. So, 5,000 credits for 200 single Tenno missions (about 1/4th of 1% rail damage). It takes the money for that instantly, in this case 1,000,000 credits. You cannot adjust this rate until it is all spent, at which time your rail is set to 0 reward and you can make a new battle pay distribution. If the rail conflict ends and you still have unspent funds in your battle pay, they are refunded to your clan or alliance vault.

Strategy Tip: It kind of sucks when your competition barely outbids you and you are stuck for 2,000 missions at the same rate. Odds are, you are finished at that point and the conflict is over if they have the funding to consistently outbid your set amount. Again, without people running your rail, you can never change it. Make whatever changes to the rewards, but don’t lock yourself in for 400 runs or something. If you set that many runs too low, you will never get the chance to bump up your bounty. We had one of our members (Dustcloak) stay up all night just watching the rail bounties and adjusting them and I firmly believe he is a major reason we have kept all our rails in that conflict.

–          If you want to end a rail challenge quickly, the battle pay should be set to somewhere in the area of 5,000+ credits per mission. We have a rail that was set at 1,000 and it had all of 50 or so runs made on it in an entire day, so not even a percentage point was moved. So, if you are planning on attacking a rail, you should budget to run all of the missions at a high enough rate to get it done in a time less than the 48 hour conflict maximum. This is especially true if you are running it for 0% taxes, because otherwise you are just locking up the rail for 48 hours against another 0% faction.

–          Some rails get more or less community support based solely on where they are and what resources are available from them. Our Neptune rail has seen very, very little traffic no matter what the bounty has been placed on it.

–          The runs from your clan or alliance are not paid. If you are a clan holding a rail and you are in an alliance, the people in your clan will not get rewards, but your alliance members will get a bounty. This is good in that you are not depleting your own bounty, but it is bad in that your people are grinding in most cases for absolutely no rewards.

–          If you do the math. Each rail has an estimated 7,500 runs to destroy it. If you offer the following amounts per mission to fully fund the destruction of your opponent’s rail here is what it will cost you in the end:

o   5,000 bounty = 37.5 Million.

o   2,500 bounty = 18.75 Million.

o   1,250 bounty = 9.375 Million.

o   And a paltry 625 credit bounty is still costing you 4,687,500 credits.

–          Rails appear to cost roughly 2,500 credits per % point to repair. This would make sense, given that calculates out to half the credits needed to build one.

–          You have a rest period of 24 hours from the conclusion of your conflict to earn up enough credits to defend it again, against a new opponent with fresh coffers.

–          When you change the tax rate on your rail it is locked and cannot be changed again for 24 hours, no exceptions. Be VERY careful about this as it can drastically damage your reputation with the community if you promise one rate and then set it higher. Even if by accident, there is no way to fix this.

That is all I can think to share. I will admit, my goal in this is to show the smaller alliances or clans that it is a massive undertaking to take a rail in less than 48 hours. If you can’t complete it quickly, don’t attack. All you are doing is locking up a fun mission with a whole lot of boring grinding and poor rewards for 48 hours. Be kind to the community: If you can’t do it fast, leave it the heck alone. If it is a 0% rail, (admittedly like ours, #fulldisclosure) and you want your name on the solar map just realize what you have to do to take it before you have angered the whole community for locking up that rail.

May your every mission lead to victory, Tenno.

– Salishaz, Warlord of the Shadows of Vengeance