As a new member, Warframe can be a bit daunting, trying to guess and figure out what to do, how to do it, and when. And how often. There is a solution . . .


Bookmark it, right next to your other favorite website. (This one.) With a little legwork, elbow grease, and liberal utilization of the Search Bar in the upper right corner of the page, the Warframe Wiki is a veritable treasure trove of gaming knowledge. The Wiki is always up to date, even as new game updates are released. Try it. Go to the search bar, type in Mods, and choose Mods 2.0 from the choices. You will discover everything you will need to know about ALL facets concerning mods. What they represent, the different mods, how to fuse them, how to use polarities to your advantage and so much more. As you scroll down the page, you will find a chart including every mod that exists, and broken down by type, such as Warframe, Primary, Seconday, Melee, Sentinel, Aura, etc. By choosing a mod, you will read about the mod itself, how to use it, how to pair it with other mods, where to find it, and more.

Want to learn about different types missions? Enter Defense, or Survival in the Search Bar. Want to learn everything about a frame? Enter the name of the frame, for example, Excalibur. The resulting page will describe the frame, his four powers, how they are affected by duration, strength, efficiency and so on. Want to learn about Bane Mods, or Corrupted Mods? Enter it in the Search Bar. Want to find the percentages of how often Void rewards drop? It’s in the Wiki. Seriously. Want to learn about the updates before the PS4 receives them? It’s on the Wiki. It is a great location to discover the ins and outs of new releases before it lands in your hands.

If you want to finally reach the point where there is no shame in your game, the Warframe Wiki is your one-stop, all-knowing, all-seeing repository.