Supramurkat left a very good suggestion on the Axios Prime Community Page, I thought it would be good to repeat it on the main page, especially for the newer gamers to Warframe, new clan members, and in general some good tips to follow . . .

” Stick together, they will come to us”

Tower Defense’s, O D D’s, Survivals, are a great way to level up. They are a great way to level up for the whole squad. “IF” the whole squad keeps together in a relative close proximity.

defense missions.
If a squad keeps together, then all squad members benefit from each kill, regardless of who actually pulled the trigger.
The goals (at least mine)~
A. level up in a timely manner
B. Get the loot without drifting too far
C. Protect the squad
D. Protect the objective.
If a squad member is running off to door knock some kills, only that squad member gets the kill #’s if no other squad members are within proximity.
If a door knocker gets down, bleeds out, and at a distance away, while I am trying to defend a pod, I will have to choose the pod to keep the session going, meeting the goal.

Survial missions.
About the same as defense missions, only difference is that a squad stays close to the life support pod.
Wait for the activated life support pod is drained to about 50~60 %, activate, move to the next pod. Your advisories will come to you… enmass.

It is all about team work tenno. everyone wants the same thing. If we stick together, we will get all of it, and then some. and then some more 🙂

“what is that?”

I get a lot of pm’s about my warframe builds, how I build them, etc.

this~ http://warframe-builder.com/

That is about the best source of info you can get.
also, on the forum, an tenno named Darzk does some amazing work. Fanboi I am.

Warframe is the most customizable game so far.
You can spend as much time customizing as doing missions, etc.
I find the aspect of customizing is as just as much fun as actual playing.
there is quite the learning curve to this game ( I am still learning).
and the rewards of are off the charts.
5 forma weapons and warframes for me are a common situation, goal.
I like my stuff OP, efficient, and total badass in there respective focus.