A question was raised on our Q&A page, about what and how to contribute necessary credits, resources and materials to the dojo. For the new members who are unaware of various clan rankings, our Warlord, Grrlscout420420 left the following comment . . .

“. . . will have decorations needing to be built sometime soon and the new rooms and lab in the upcoming update will need contributions too. Whenever projects arise for the dojo, we will have notifications for contributions posted here as well as in-game clan chat. Notifications will include details such as what needs contributions and where to find them. Also a note on how to contribute.”

Seeing as Update 13 is arriving soon, somewhere in the next few weeks, I will officially post a ‘how-to’ article on dojo contributions. Decorations, research labs, rooms, etc. Update 13 will bring the construction of Solar Rails, which will require resources. There are also dojo decorations, the crafting of new weapons and frames, for example, which can be done at any time. If you currently have credits and resources, hold onto them. Everything can be done at the same time.

As a side note, the last time we needed resources (oxium for Zephyr), many of us farmed and brought back the goods. This time around, the idea is to conduct a more cohesive group effort when particular resources are required. For example, everyone squads up in groups of four. Once a squad is made, they stick together without disbanding and reforming, saving time. Each squad hits the same location or mission or planet until each member reaches a certain number of resources, or close to it, (or more) to bring back to the dojo. Each member gathers 25 oxium for example, total in squad = 100, multiplied by 10 clan squads = 1000 oxium. Pretty good haul for running a good survival or defense mission a few times. Those who need to level up can do so at the same time, running with a good group, newer clan members or those new to Warframe get to run with experienced members, everybody wins.

Thoughts, suggestions, ideas, leave in the comments section.