Since no one has won the 30 plat contest, I have decided to raise the stakes. Pay attention, I am now giving hints.

Between March 11th and April 1st, a clan promotion was awarded. The first clan member who can guess the person AND their new clan rank, I will give the winner 70 plat. If you can guess the date it happened and come within three hours plus or minus of the exact time, I will give an additional 200 plat, but you MUST guess the correct name and rank, if you guess the correct date and time, in order to get the bonus.  So, you can either win 70 plat, or 270 plat. Place your answers in the Comments section, where they are time stamped. If you give me the answer online while I am in game, my threads on the clan tab are also time stamped, and I do scroll backwards to see what I missed when I was playing a mission or in a meeting.

HINTS: This person is an active player. Online, in game every day. (and when I say day it also includes nights, so don’t read too much into that.) Of all the names that have been guessed so far, cross them off your list. It is someone no one has guessed yet. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.

This contest will run from Sunday April 13th until Thursday, April 17th at 7PM Eastern Daylight Time Zone, United States. At that time the contest will end. If no one has provided the correct answer, I will reveal the answer here, and online on the clan tab, Thursday shortly after 7PM. When the final answer is revealed, and the explanation why, and no one guessed correctly, you will kick yourself in the ass for missing it.