AcesofKings is conducting a clan contest, running now until 9PM Eastern Daylight Time Zone of U.S.

Run as many Void and Orokin missions as you desire, until the end of the contest, Saturday 9PM Eastern Daylight Time Zone of the United States. (If you can’t participate as much as you would like due to work or family, your time can be extended until 11PM). To win, you must have the winning amount of regular mods, and corrupted mods, such as Heavy Caliber, Blind Rage, the Hate, the Despair and you must have in-game screen shots of your collected findings during the mission or from the ending screen after a successful mission where it shows you what you have acquired. Even if you don’t get the Hate and Despair, try anyway to collect as much as possible.

For a maxed Serration, it is worth the Void and Orokin farming, not to mention other thing you will get along the way.