Several members have asked various questions, which I can provide detailed answers now . . .

Grrlscout is compiling a list, which will be posted here, of the various clan ranks, descriptions and capabilities of each rank. Also how to rank up and get promotions (time in clan, participation in clan, how much a member interacts with and assists others, etc).

We have a New Clan Member Committee, which will comprise of our four leaders, three clan members and myself. First party chat meeting is Saturday April 12th, 8PM. The group will insure new clan members get in the game, have questions answered, receive assistance in game, etc and generally help new members transition to higher frame or weapon levels. Pretty much what many members do now, but we have an official committee in case clan council isn’t available.

Aces and Nappy will head up our new Event Committee, designed to bring new ways to involve clan and dojo in various events, such as contests, alert events, farming events, new ideas, etc. If you want to be part of it, or have an idea, see Aces and Nappy.

Tenno Brawl – either Friday or Saturday nights, with at least one council member in attendance watching as a judge, everyone will be invited to participate in dojo dueling room. First place winner will receive plat or two rare mods, second place will receive rare mod or core, third place wins credits.