Several members have asked the question of how they get promoted. Your answer is finally here. The below text is a description of clan rank, as well as how an individual earns a promotion. There are a number of you who are already on the list for their next promotion, as we have witnessed a lot of good deeds by members assisting others in various roles. Keep up the good deeds! Clan members helping others is a good thing for the entire group. Please forgive the difference in text size, this was a copy and paste mission.

  • Warlord is the clan creator and oversees all clan concerns and activities.  Warlord along with the clan Generals and Officers puts in effect clan guidelines and other activites.
  • Warlord Abilities: recruit, regulator, promote, architect, host, treasurer, tech
  • General is the Warlord’s second in command and can/will make decisions concerning clan events and guidelines. A General does this in the absence of the clan Warlord.
  • General Abilities: recruit, regulator, promote, architect, host, treasurer, tech
  • Officer is backup to the General.  If the Warlord or General is unavailable, the Officer steps in to assist any clan member who needs questions answered or any other assistance.
  • Officer Abilities: recruit, promote, host, treasurer, tech, architect
  • Leader is in charge of helping new clan members get familiar with the clan and Warframe in general.  Leaders give members assistance in missions, introduce new members to existing members and give clan info such as clan events and dojo tours. They are our “Welcome Wagon”.
  • Leader Abilities: recruit, host, tech
  • Sage can assist Leaders in welcoming new members.
  • Sage Abilities: recruit, host, tech
  • Soldier is the base of our clan.  Without our Soldiers, we are defenseless and the clan has no growth.  Our Soldiers become our SageLeader and Officer. They also inform and assist new members of clan information.
  • Soldier Abilities: recruit and host
  • Initiate is our newest member.  We welcome them with open arms. They can advertise Axios Prime to their friends and help us grow.  They automatically get promoted after a week of joining the clan.
  • Initiate Abilities: host
  • In order to earn a promotion, candidate must:
  • be a clan member for more than 2 months
  • participate with other clan members (or possible clan members via
  1. clan website
  2. in-game clan chat
  3. running missions for those who request it
  4. official Waframe site @ our thread page in the ‘Clan Recruitment’ section of the PS4 forums
  5. Communicating any suggestions ( clan events, website info, volunteering for a committee to name a few )
  6. We may reach a maximum number of certain ranks. Please do not be discouraged if you do not get promoted right away. With our newly formed committees, anyone can join. This is also factored into the promotion of candidates.