In the beginning there was division. Order was a lost cause. But there were those that longed for unity. Spread out across the galaxy, thousands of battles were being fought by countless Tenno, being instructed by the voice of the Oracle “Lotus”. But she is just the messenger, and leaders were needed. Thus four Tenno banded together and formed one of a hand full of Ghost clans. This clan was not like the others, it was not a collective or a collaboration of a group of individuals but a full and complete entity. A Ghost that delivered death and destruction wherever the Lotus instructs. But this ghost wished to be mortal, and asked the Oracle for life, and thus the Ghost became a living being and Shadow was born. But the Shadow wished for even greater heights, and once again the Oracle was consulted, and verily the living Shadow became the mighty Storm. The Storm wreaked glorious havoc upon the enemies of the Oracle and the Oracle blessed it with substance and the Shadow became a stoic Mountain. In short order from four unique individuals a grand and illustrious organization of one hundred and counting Tenno’s of various powers and abilities banded together to form the star that is Axios Prime. Even now other stars of potent power wishes an alliance to greater boost our potential influence of fear on the enemy. Join the Axios Prime and become a part of glory.