Just read the entire listing of fixes and enhancements in Update 13 for the PC side of things. The following link will list everything. It is a long list. Bring your favorite beverage.


Some of the things I’ve noticed that are interesting to me . . .

Charge attacks have been removed and replaced with Combos.
All Charge Attack based mods have been re purposed to suit the new Melee 2.0 system. Affected mods:
Reflex Coil
Focus Energy
Killing Blow
Corrupt Charge
Second Wind

NOTE: Due to the changes introduced with Melee 2.0, Melee Auto Targeting is now set to ‘ON’ by default

– New Loadout Feature: Each weapon slot is now optional!
   You may choose to run missions without bringing a Primary, Secondary, or Melee! Want to do a melee only run? Maybe just bring a pistol? The option now exists to leave some gear behind!
   Your Melee weapon will be auto-equipped if no other weapon is selected for your current loadout.

– New Resource: Argon Crystal. A Void Only Resource from the Orokin Age that decays over time (a half-life of one day). Use it quickly in any gear that requires this Resource!

– New UI Elements: The social menu has been revamped into 3 separate and distinct UI Elements
   A New Friends Tab with more robust options to make joining and adding friends even easier!
   A New Clan Tab with dedicated sections displaying current clan sessions, clan message of the day, clan log, and new clan tutorials!
   The Chat interface has now become an independent window which can be manipulated on its own
Added rich presence information to online friends, so if they’re in a game it will display what planet and node they’re currently in.
   NOTE: These UI Elements can be access from the both the Star Map and from in game.

Void/Key Changes:

– Increased the chance of acquiring T3 keys in regular Survival missions.
– Removed Credits and all Resources (except Orokin Cell for now) from all Void Endless mission types reward pool (Survival/Defense).

Survival Spawning changes:

– Cap max total enemies including paused enemies to prevent performance issues and a potential exploit.
– Ramp up enemy count gradually during the first 20 seconds of the mission so players don’t get swamped by enemies at the spawn.