While browsing some of the latest posts on the Warframe website (some of the things people post are entertaining, especially the whining) the below text may shed light on some of the lag/performance issues some of us experience. I know when I had my Internet provider up my speed from 8Mbps to 50Mbps, game performance dramatically increased and lag issues are almost nonexistent.  A gamer posted the below text, I have to agree with his logic –

“Also my guess is about 50-75% of your performance issues in the void is due to your poor internet connection of either the host or the Client players who are connecting to the host player. The game host that hosts the game, has to have at least Cable or faster broadband connection. If you host on a connection that is like a Shared Cable or DSL or average/below average speeds, it will not support all the data that has to be sent back and forth between the players.

My conection is 35 mb broadband download with Xfinity and I have no lag in the Void unless I am connected to a Host who has a slow or average internet connection. I also don’t experience any disconnect issues at all, and only 1 blue screen since update 12.4 has been released. I play every night for 3-5 hours running Void, Alerts, ODD, High Level Survival on Pluto and High Level Defense on Pluto.”

Take what he said for what it is worth, it sounds like a viable observation or solution.