Over the next five days, Lotus has three special alerts, running two days each. The first two day event started Wednesday, April 2nd, and awards an Orokin catalyst. The next two day event starts on Friday, April 4th, rewarding an Orokin reactor. The third two day event, commencing on Sunday, April 6th, and provides forma upon completion. All three events have a start time of 12 noon, U.S. Eastern Daylight Time.

All day Friday and Saturday is the Clan Tower Key and Orokin Runs. This is a perfect time to farm the Void for Prime parts, get in a squad and level up frames and weapons and reap the rewards of a successful mission.

The clan contest is still in effect, no one has guessed the clan member in particular who recently received a promotion in rank. Read the earlier post for contest details and a chance to win a minimum of 30 plat.