SupraMurkat put together some good suggestions, which were discussed in the House of Representatives, passed in the Senate by a huge margin, and now instituted for all to view and enjoy . . .

Trade desires left in the comments section of the Trading Page are now listed in reverse order, with the latest entry listed first, then following descending date and time stamp order.

We have two new pages added to the site. First, a Member Community page has been added. This page is for you, our clan members to leave ideas, suggestions, ramblings, thoughts, musings, dreams or generally discuss topicsĀ lurking deep in the hearts and minds of fellow Tenno.

The second page added is a Question and Answers page. If you have a clan or Warframe related question begging for an answer, this is the place to annotate it. Someone will possess the knowledge you seek!

Links to the new pages can be found at the top of the website, as well as the left side of each page.