Friday, April 4th and Saturday April 5th, join us for two days of Void and Orokin missions. All towers (1, 2 and 3) and all types of missions (Exterminate, Capture, Mobile Defense, Defense and Survival) as well as any Orokin mission you desire to run. New members are definitely encouraged to get in on the action. All you have to do is post on the in-game clan tab you need a taxi to a certain location or type of mission, or ask for an invite (which is the same as a taxi) or answer another member’s posting of open mission slots to be filled. There are a lot of prime parts to be unearthed in the Void. Squad up, reap the mission rewards and have fun.

And don’t be afraid to run missions with different clan members. Lots of members have different frames and weapons, and have different styles of play. There is always something new to learn just from playing with members who already discovered the answers you seek.

As a reminder, Sunday is Planet Clearing Mission Day, where clan members squad up and clear planets of unlocked missions. Need help in a mobile defense? Your squishy frame unable to stand the rigors of survival? Getting hit from all sides while trying to protect the cryopod? That’s what squads are for. Ask for or accept an invite and have fun.