In the past three weeks, we have had several or more clan members receive a promotion of their clan rank. Henceforth, a contest idea was borne. The clan council has chosen one person as the answer to the contest I am about to present to you . . .

The first clan member who can guess the one name and new rank of the male or female clan member (yes, we have females, plural) out of everyone who received a clan promotion sometime between March 11th and April 1st, that clan member who provides the correct answer will receive 30 plat. As an added bonus, if you can also correctly guess the day the promotion occurred, an additional 15 plat will be rewarded. AcesofKings has added a second bonus. If you can correctly guess, within 20 minutes, plus or minus, when the promotion occurred, you will win another 15 plat bonus. That is a possible total of 60 plat for one lucky winner. In order to win the two bonus plats, you have to provide the main answer.

Post your guesses/answers in the comments section of this web post, and don’t forget to leave your psn name in the prompt so we know who to award the winning plat. The comments are automatically time stamped, so the determination of the identity of the earliest winner will be visible. The eventual winner will be announced, if and when the correct answers are provided.

In summary, out of over 150 total clan members, some who received a promotion in clan rank in the past three weeks, which name did we choose as the answer and what is their new rank?

Good luck.