– You will receive a Blueprint from The Lotus for the Tethra Cipher Key. This will be your key to a new tileset, the hidden Grineer Shipyards. In order to craft the Cipher, you will need to collect unique data fragments by playing the Tethra’s Doom Interception Mission on Earth.
– Once you have the necessary resources, you can craft the Tethra Cipher. Your Blueprint will not be consumed.
– Use your Cipher to open the Grineer Shipyards and play the NEW Hijack Game Mode.
– In Hijack, you’ll need to find a Fomorian Power Core and activate the control panel to release it.
– Once released, the core will become unstable and its health will begin to degrade. If the core runs out of health before it reaches its destination, it will rupture and kill everyone in the vicinity.
– Standing near the Power Core will move it forward. This will drain your Shield, so use resources wisely.
– Any damage it takes during the fighting will only hasten its destruction.

– Once you have successfully completed your mission, the Cipher will be consumed.
– To re-play the Mission, craft a new Cipher using your Blueprint and the necessary resources.

Tethra’s Doom is on now and will end at 1 PM EDT* on Tuesday, April 1.

Upon completing each mission, you will be scored as follows:
Individual Scoring – The health remaining is your score.
Clan Scoring – Clan scores will be determined by the sum of each participant’s best score.

Individual Rewards
– Complete mission with between 1 and 249 points and you will receive an Event Badge and a 3-Day Affinity Booster
– Complete mission with between 250 and 499 points and you will receive the following four Mods:
“Jolt”: (Pistol) 15% Proc chance + 15% Electricity damage
“Shell Shock”: (Shotgun) 15% Proc chance + 15% Electricity damage
“High Voltage”: (Rifle) 15% Proc chance + 15% Electricity damage
“Voltaic Strike”: (Melee) 15% Proc chance + 15% Electricity damage
– Complete mission with 500 points or more and you will receive the Gorgon Wraith.

Clan Rewards
– A Gold, Silver and Bronze Clan Statue will be distributed to the top three Clans in each Clan Tier.

– Complete the new Shield Core missions with a score of 1000 or greater and get a QUANTUM BADGE, a brand new type of badge that uses particles!
– Players now have a more challenging mission, and competitive clans can now earn higher scores in this more difficult Hijack Mission.

Defeat Vay Hek’s plans and take down Project Tethra!