Having just read the entire list, it’s a HUGE one.

Here is the Warframe forum link in case you want to read EVERYTHING –


I’ve included most of the post here, with the exception of the fixes. (It’s a really long list.) The General section also includes a link to the updated list of drop locations, up to date as of today, March 25th. Follow the above forum link to read the ENTIRE list. Follow the link below in the text to read and print the updated drop list.

EVENT: Tethra’s Doom:

Disable the Fomorian Fleet and stop Vay Hek’s plans! Starting today at 1 PM EDT!


Primary Weapons:
– Grinlok – Tenno Bolt Action Rifle!
– Marelok – Grineer Lever Action Secondary!

Secondary Weapons:
– Castanas – Tenno Sticky Bombs!


The Grustrag Three!
Vem Tabook, Shik Tal and Leekter. Remember their names, Tenno. They may be coming for you!
Vay Hek has warned that any Tenno supporting the Corpus during invasions will face consequences; we now know what those consequences are. Riddled with mutation, violent tendencies and the urge to kill, these Grineer defects – otherwise known as The Grustrag Three – pose a high level threat. They have been detected in the Solar System and have been taking notice of Tenno support for Corpus during invasions. If it is the Brakk you seek, the Grustrag Three you must defeat.

– Two New Trophies
o Bronze Trophy – “Saviour of Mercury”
o Silver Trophy – “Saviour of Uranus”
– PSN friends with Warframe installed will automatically be added to your In-Game Friend’s list.
– Added Japanese, Russian, and French keyboard support for usage in the Social Menu.
– Grineer Shipyards tile set revealed with new “Hijack” game mode & Tethra’s Doom event!
– Forest Level expansion!
– 4x Immortal Skins: Nekros, Valkyr, Oberon, and Ember!
– Twilight Colour Picker!
– New Hyena information hooked up in Codex.
– New ambient sounds added to the Forest Levels!
– Level up effect now uses energy colour!
– Changed Focus mod name to “Intensify”
– New Prime items in the Void!
o Rhino Prime
o Ankyros Prime
o Boltor Prime
o AkBronco Prime


– 2x new Alternate helmets (Valkyr, Oberon)
– New Corpus Crewmen voices are here! They now have their own language and a whole new style as voted by the Design Council!
– Added Tutorial buttons to various sections of the game (Foundry, Mod screen, etc).
– Zephyr and Oberon abilities added to Codex/Enemy drops.
– Added popup notification that the clan invite you sent was successful!


HUD changes:

– Added HUD/UI tab to Settings menu.
– Added a “Show Ability Dots” option to Settings.
– Fixed issues with HUD elements and scaling (reload timer, sniper reticules).
– Survival objective markers now have a new icon.
– Interception game mode has colourized icons on minimap depending on faction possession.

Void Chages:

– Keys as end-of-mission rewards have been removed from T2 and T3 missions. T1 missions still can reward keys.
– Additional Distribution of some Prime Items.
– All Prime Parts found in Void are now trade-able.


– Modified the Mastery Rank Challenge 7 to 8 to be easier to complete while using a controller.
– Multiple performance improvements across multiple assets and tilesets.
– Reverted all holster changes back to original positions prior to Update 12 until we can better execute on the intended changes.
– Changed the description on the polarization screen to be more clear about how polarization works.
– Now giving XP for capturing, neutralizing and dominating in Interception.
– Earth enemy balancing and tweaks including removing Eviscerators from regular Earth missions; they now only appear after 5 minutes in Survival or 5 Waves in Defense.
– Reverted to the old holster position for Jat Kittag.
– Tweaked enemy strategies in invasions for factions that are on the ropes in the Star Chart.
– Changed Eviscerator Damage and Proc Rate.
– Changed Jat Kittag Charge attack FX for new charge animation.
– Cannot start a fusion with a card that’s already at its max fusion level.
– Chat history won’t be initially visible when going into a game until a new message is received – no point in spamming what you have already read until a new message comes in.
– Omitted Venus/Earth being eligible for Grineer or Corpus invasions to not throw off new player path.
– Refined and tweaked new “Auto Fusion” features:
o Added some safety checks so that auto fuse never grabs installed mods or fused mods that aren’t Fusion Cores.
o Now if you’re fusing a ‘cooked’ mod, Auto Fuse WILL grab any raw duplicates of said mod.
– Show “The Void”, “The Derelicts” and “Dojo” in the Star Chart if players have the required keys.
– Tweaked the depth cue on energy projectile’s flares so they aren’t so large in the distance (Detron Projectile feedback changes).
– Weapon and Mod conclave tweaks – increased the ratings on the Synapse, Heavy Caliber, and Toxin Damage mods.
– Revised name of Zoren Dagger Axe skin, so that we don’t have duplicate names (Dagger Axe).
– Changed Frost’s Ability Sounds to align with new casting times.
– Orokin Derelict Defense has had all Credit Rewards removed from rotation with this Update. Review is ongoing for the current loot in the endless mission types.
– Panic buttons now can be un-alerted. This means if you’ve been detected on a ship/planet/location, you can revert the alarms to a neutral state to complete missions with a more ‘stealthy’ approach.
– Gain and radius updates to all Infested Ancient vocals.
– Updated sounds for electroprod whooshes.
– Nova’s Nullstar ability changed so radial damage can affect enemies with weak points.
– Changed the description on the Polarization screen to be clearer about how Polarization works.
– Improvements to Rescue target in Rescue missions.
– Changed the Rescue hostage’s health, shield and speed, changed threat level, and fixed objective markers not following the path in Corpus and Earth Settlement levels.
– Added support for using left analog stick and dpad for turning pages in Codex/Tutorials.
– All 3D weapon reloads have had the radius adjusted.
– Made some further optimizations in the Forest expansion levels to improve performance.
– Tweaks to Derelict Survival levels to make it less repetitive and limit the number of smaller intermediates
– Nyx’s Chaos ability deco uses the correct helmet.
– Accelerated Blast’s bonus to puncture damage now matches the description (at base level, was adding 22% Puncture so when mod itself said 15%), as well as all the other mods that increase physical damage.
– Adjusted brightness of Stalker’s bow string to fix colour bleeding.
– Orokin Void procedural level optimization – reduced number of dead ends, limited some of the heavier connectors, limited max intermediates to 3 instead of 4, reduced connectors in dead ends.
– Audio improvements to magnetic, fire, and toxic aura impact.
– Disable auto-joining of other players when playing keys in public mode. Players will be required to join via invite or right-clicking from chat context menu.
– Revised enemy AI Leader ability sounds.
– Grineer Galleon gameplay additions: (Arch Trap and new door type that damages players as the pass through).
– Corpus Laser doors adjusted under the hood to be more reliable at damaging passer-bys.
– Modified AI in Interception to balance between attacking players and capturing points better.
– Audio revisions to Furax flesh and metal impacts.
– Weapon and Mod conclave tweaks.
– Split Auto-Fuse into two buttons; one for just fusion cores, and one for just duplicate mods.
– Revised 3D Hind weapon sounds.
– Optimized DSP effects to reduce memory usage and sound startup time.

P.S: Prime Access info:

We are rolling out Rhino Prime Access as quickly as we can. Please note that they will be going live in each region separately as we get everything final. North American regions will see it sometime today, EU regions will likely see it tomorrow, and Asia/Japan will be coming later.