A request has been made for the inclusion of a location on the web site for clan members to leave comments or messages about trades they would like to initiate.

It is now complete, and ready for clan members to utilize.

A separate page now exists with a single descriptive post and an on-going comments section, where members can enter the items they desire to buy/sell/trade. This page can be accessed by going to the top of web site, and clicking the link that says ‘Axios Prime Trading Page’. It can also be accessed by the Axios Prime Trading Page link on the left side of the page, just under the Home link, which will take you to the main web page, should you find yourself on a different page.

In their entries, members can list the items, with the date they made the entry, in order for others to know the age of the entry. That way the reader will not see a trade desire that is far and away past its expiration date, and believe it to be recent. Like milk. Or eggs.

Let the trades begin!!