Witch3rDC52 left a very informative comment that is worthy of reading and sharing . . .

Talking with a few newer members on a couple of missions last night and I see some members weren’t aware about waypoints or remapping of your DS4 Controller.

Waypoints can serve two purposes: One is to point a way out for someone or way you are currently location. Say you have to do mobile defense and you get separate from the group and run to the wrong defense site (there are 4), you could ask for a waypoint to get to back to the group.

Second purpose is to mark items like mods or components like Oxium.

As for DS4 Controller, I moved all my abilities from the touch pad to the D -pad due to the fact that the touch pad doesn’t work well when the action gets hot and heavy and you need your abilities the most. I died quite a few times trying to get Radial Blind to work. Guarantee to work on D-pad. For me ability 1 is up, 2, is down, 3 is left and 4 is right, just like the touch pad.

On the touch pad, I put the waypoint marker on swipe up since I am pointing that direction, swipe down expands/contracts the map and swipe right brings up the player list for my support with Trinity and Mag. Pressing AND holding the touch pad brings up my gear list to drop packs like ammo or health. You actually have to press and hold it, then use the joystick to select the item. You could have the swipe left if you want to include something like a health pack to drop.

Any some information that may help out some of the newer players.

Definitely something to think about. Kudos to Witch3r for the timely comment.