As our first official clan event kicks off tomorrow, Thursday March 20th (as depicted on the left side of the page under Upcoming Clan Events), we would like willing participants to act as event leaders, assisting others to get to the void, rounding up squads and sending out invites for others to join you as necessary. Especially with the new members and those still leveling up frames and weapons.

All you have to do is post on the in-game clan tab you are willing to help others in forming squads, sending invites and announcing you have open slots for others to join your squad.

There isn’t a set number of leaders required, all you have to do is volunteer your assistance. And, anyone can take the initiative and lead a group. This is in any event, whether it is an alert, a Saturday farming event or a Sunday planet mission clearing event, to name a few. This is another way to get everyone involved and making missions and overall clan participation even more successful.