Starting this weekend, Axios Prime will initiate regular clan events for all to participate.

Starting this Sunday, March 23rd, (and every Sunday) all day and night will be our Planet Mission event. Many members, new and old, newbie or veteran, still have planets with unfinished missions. This is the day and night for clan members to squad up and conquer entire planets. Not to mention collecting lots of materials along the way, as well as leveling up weapons and frames.

Starting Saturday, March 22nd, (and every Saturday) all day and night will be our Corrupted Mods Run and Orokin Key night. Lots of clan members desire corrupted mods as well as Orokin vault runs. Saturdays will be the time to ask for an invite or squad up and tackle the objective.

Saturday nights we will conduct Dojo Duels and Obstacle Course Runs. Enter the dojo and have lots of fun showing off your dueling skills. It’s lots of fun and loads of laughs and camaraderie. Also this will be your opportunity to run the obstacle course. Also lots of fun.

As always, during the week or anytime during the week, be sure to get all members involved. Post on the in-game clan tab if you are seeking squad members, scroll through the list and send invites and ask for invites if you see someone with mission openings. Our goal is to keep clan members playing and involved with others. We have a lot of strong members who will assist you. If you see new members, try to get them up and running as soon as possible. Make them feel at home.

Other upcoming events –

1. Friday night Dueling Trials – start off against another member, work your way up the ladder to the tougher rounds. Prizes such as plat or mods will be awarded.

2. Conclave Runs – we have some pretty strong members and frames. On some weeknight, we want to have our members visit the Conclave and test their mettle against others in the Tenno Universe.

3. Nightmare Alerts/Runs – many members require assistance in running nightmare missions. This is your chance to finally conquer the nightmare that haunts you, taunts you, and prevents you from earning the victory.