New Interesting Frame

The above link describes a frame capable of changing and warping time and space. Actually might be fun in gameplay.


This is the last post on the free site, use going forward


I have the new location up and running, ready for clan consumption!!

Go to, subscribe, bookmark it and continue in a normal fashion. I will be posting and adding new content there.

Thanks for making our clan a great community and gaming friendship.

We Have A New Home For Our Website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have obtained a hosted site for our webpage on GoDaddy. This was done mainly to give increased and complete flexibility on webpage enhancement. The free WordPress site did not allow code changes and plug-ins. Our new webpage URL is I imported the xml code over to GoDaddy and it appeared to bring over everything. I have to choose a theme and make some other changes I believe the clan will enjoy. We can add unlimited web pages and do other stuff on the hosted site as well as our ideas flow. One of the things I will add to our new location is a scrolling ticker across the top of the page, of Warframe Alerts. I could not do this on the free site.

Change your bookmarks to That is where updates and other info will now take place. I will work on getting the page back up to speed today, Sunday afternoon.

Thanks for your support.

If you have ideas for the page and site, let me or GrrlScout know. I will do my best to put it into action.

I will make a final post here to let everyone know the site is complete and everything is as normal. Hopefully by the end of today, Sunday.

Broadcasting On Twitch TV


I have recently started broadcasting my game play over Twitch TV. The idea is to generate a following, which will lead to donations, as well as eventual clan exposure. There are some gamers earning over $2000 per month. Not to shabby. GrrlScout and JaeMcNasty broadcast their game play as well. If we can get squads to broadcast on Twitch, another stream of viewers can be acquired.

Setup was quite simple once I located the information sources I needed to start. Of course, the first thing to do is register on and set up your profile and settings page. If you want donations from viewers, a PayPal account is necessary. I used the following link that was very informative in how to set up a donations button on your Twitch channel page. The second link is a listing of various buttons you can use. I rightclicked on a button image, saved it to my laptop, then loaded it to my Twitch page. The video explains how to do it.

Once everything is set up, in game, you can use the Share button, where one of the options is to broadcast your game live over Twitch or UStream. (I forgot about the broadcast option since I last used it back in November.) As a test, I did a 30 minute solo survival stream, then 3 or 4 squad streams. Broadcasted like a champ, and had as many as five followers the first night. This is something I will do on a continuing basis.

If anyone is interested in broadcasting, feel free to ask questions.

Update 13.3 Coming To PS4 Very Soon


Rather than subject you to the usual crying, whining, bitching, moaning and pissing tears until the next Millennium from forum posters, the following text posted on Friday afternoon, is from DE Drew and our next update going to cert – Current Status (May 30th): We plan to send a build to Sony early next week for certification. Our team is working on including everything up to U13.3.1 (disclaimer: not 100% guaranteed!).

Stay tuned for a list of what will be included, probably the same day when it is released.

Update 13.5 Bringing Some Nice Fixes And Enhancements


The PC received Update 13.5. Do not know when we will receive them. There are two outstanding changes I like. First, Red Crits are back. Basically, some weapons will crit over 100% damage. (Normal crit damage appears in yellow numbers on screen.) If you have a mod build that crits over the 100%, the extra percentage of crit damage appears in red. This damage is added to the other crit damage.

The other very nice change is Ash’s Blade Storm. Now, Ash will generate TWO clones during Blade Storm and all three Ash perform on-screen melee damage.

Another addition I like, Interception Missions have been placed on the other planets for a total of 10 Interceptions.


The link below details the entire update log. Read and enjoy (Doesn’t it make your day brighter when I discover these timely nuggets of insightful knowledge) –